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  • Need some help. Try to make Achievements like in Star Ocean. The Achievements appear in the order you got them. A friend of mind did it in MMF2, and I;m trying to port it over to Construct.

    If anyone has MMF2, I can upload the example.

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    Azu: Can you explain in more detail what you're actually trying to do? I haven't played Star Ocean so I don't know what you mean by achievements.

    Edit: do you want it to sort in alphabetical order? If so, check "sort" under properties for the ListBox.

  • The notion of porting something over from another application is less straight forward or logical than you'd think.

    Construct has a very different event structure and methodology of working - families and containers are GOD - and you'll find yourself doing things differently. Porting something as-is will result in an inefficient way of doing something, or bad habits.

    You should read through the application structure on the wiki ( ... =Main_Page) and familiarise yourself with the structure of applications and games in Construct, and then attempt to rebuild things yourself from scratch. If you have a problem learning about or understanding one area, then you should post on the forum or the chat .



  • PSYDUCK, SIGH!!!!!

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  • Quite helpful, aren't we?

  • id help but i have no idea about anything from star ocean, ive never played. plus that pic was too funny to not post.

    maybe you could explain in a better way what you want?

    hash table is probably something u would want to use?

    you could create a value called wtv the achievement is, and give its value the number it came in order of so the first achivement called ACH1 would have a value of 1 if you got it first?

  • Yeah we need more info

    You could just have an object 'Achievement' with a string private variable for 'name'. And then like:

    pick up achievement code:

    Create object Achievement at

    Set Achievement variable 'name'

    And then in another event somewhere else, you could display the achievements by loop eaching achievement, possibly having a string object contained with it so you can display a name as well

  • You can see what I'm talking about in the video.

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    It show what achievement you got in the order you got them in.

    These how they are explained in Star Ocean 3.

    "Battle Trophies (BTs) can be thought of 300 different objectives for you to

    complete while playing Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (SO3)."

    Think if like STEAM games or Xbox360 acheivement.

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