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  • i used the mode 7 example from the construct forums and changed it so now you can do a lot more with it. i would give a link to the post with the mode 7 example but i cant find it and i forgot who made it.

    here is the source


    there, i posted an exe by acident.

    and here is a preview picture.


    should have posted it when i started this thread.

    i will explain the basics on how to use it below here.

    when you want to make a 3d object you will need two objects, one that is used as controll. and one that is the 3d object, you need to put both in the same container.

    the 3d sprite will go in the powerup family. and the controller wil go

    in the items family.

    all the variables that is needed is in the controllers.

    if you need someting that is like floor or flat on the ground you set the variable 3d on the controller to 0.

    if you need someting that is flat but is more like a wall you set the variable 3d to 1.

    if you need someting that is facing towards you al the time "you can make animation angles so it looks like it doesnt" set variable 3d to 2.

    the height variable is seting the y position of the 3dobjects.

    the camera object is the point of view.

    you cant look up and down.

    thats to the basics you need to know to use this if it isnt something i forgot.

    if it is more you like to know reply.

    the stuff that is there is from a game im working on probably wont

    finish it.

    arrow keys to move and turn. press c to take 180 degree turn.

  • All I see is a dark gradient background in runtime. Also, some wave files are missing.

  • i dont know what happend it hapend on me to, but i put a new capfile in there, downloaded it and it worked for me.

  • It's working now. Thank you.

  • Well done, PastaGuy!

  • good to hear ciro and thank you mrmiller.

  • its not working it said failed for unzipping

  • idk how to use cap's

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  • The cap file should be opened by construct directly

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