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  • I've been on a bit of a 3D tangent lately, and with the latest construct release I can now do this little demo: a ball bouncing in a 3D space. Anyway.


    1. Collision: Is handled through 2 bouncing balls, one with it's Y axis restricted to the other's. By no means perfect, but produces a nice effect. One ball controls the Y and Z axis, the other controls the X. Would eventually like to figure how to do it with more than walls.

    2. Textures made with the Genetica Viewer (Free)


    3. Try changing the Eye distance to around 100, it's something a bit different to look at.

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  • Nice.

    For those of us who are useless at gfx, the Genetica Viewer is a v nice find for creating the tiles for backgrounds. Thanks.


    Just realised what this reminds me of - Trailblazer on old 8-bit machines. I first saw this on the Amiga in the early 90s.

    Retro flashback

  • This is very interesting. With the added depth, making simple 3D games such as tennis or ping-pong may be possible in the near future. I know that Construct is not meant to be 3D, but these effects are quite cool to add to any 2D game. In fact, it could easily be utilized in 2D game backgrounds, though they will be not interactive.

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