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  • Hi,

    Many people have asked if Construct can make 3d games, and if so how.

    The short answer is no. However with some math and organization i was able to wip this up in an evening :[attachment=0:1d3xhe8u][/attachment:1d3xhe8u].

    Basically this cap allows you to manipulate points in 3d via the two mouse buttons. I thought of also eventually adding displaced sprites to the point cloud to simulate textured quads and triangles. I would only need to be able to pick multiple instances of the same object. I have many other ideas but alas I've ranted long enough for a first post.

    Ask not what Construct can make for you, but what can you make in construct.

  • That is the whole point; Construct can't make 3D games for you, you have to make 3D games with Construct just like you demonstrated.

  • That is the whole point; Construct can't make 3D games for you, you have to make 3D games with Construct just like you demonstrated.

    True, but we could use a few tools for working with what we have. While changing angles, and rotation is obviously possible, the math involved is probably a bit beyond the average user.

  • you can force construct into doing anything, but that doesn't mean its going to do what you force it to better than other programs meant for those things.

    yes 3d is possible, but not very practical. try making a game with that, instead of a tech demo lol

  • Hehe, that's kinda cool. But obviously it's possible to fake a 3D effect with a 2D engine, ultimately there aren't enough tools in Construct for a game with 3D gameplay (although 2D gameplay with 3D graphics is possible to some extent with Z elevation and 3D meshes).

  • It's ridiculously impractical to make a game with this. Good job on the rotation anyways.

  • DONT NEVER EVER Try to make 3d game with construct its pain in the ass.. I've tried and well did come up with some crappy indy game only thing fun was drawing sprites and then watch em when they shoot at you and rotate in cool uber old 3d style

    Oh and my 3d engine (modified from tech demo) was fail it crashed when over 3 enemies in map

    EDIT Just looked ur cap and I have to say awesome startin to remind me of some old 3d modelling tools xD TO THE GATES FELLOW CONSTRUCT USERS NOW WERE GOING TO CREATE PROGRAM THAT's BETTER THAN 3dsmax or maya or whatever else there is!

    Yeah Seagull out have to get some sleep as you can see from my text...

  • thx for the demo! this will be a lot more helpful in understanding transformation matrices than the staring contests i've had with wikipedia :P

  • Sweet.

  • ...ultimately there aren't enough tools in Construct for a game with 3D gameplay (although 2D gameplay with 3D graphics is possible to some extent with Z elevation and 3D meshes).

    It is most definitely possible, though the math involved is not exactly a walk in the park for your average joe.

    The instant you added Z buffered, texture correct, sprite transformations, you enabled the ability to create actual 3D games.

    The only real argument against it would be that meshes can only have so many rows and columns before causing a crash, however, the method by which I would do it (and have previously done it, when sprite transformations were first introduced without the Z buffer and texture correction) involves multiple 1x1 meshes as a substitute for quads and, by extension, tris.

    Again, entirely possible, not plausible for most.

  • Possible yes, but not exactly easier than using a dedicated 3D engine. The easiest and most accessible 3D for non-hardcore users would be to use David's Wolfenstein engine to recreate the look of raycasting, but even that's just a 3D projection of a 2D game.

    3D effects like these are really nice looking, and technically impressive, but to implement actual gameplay with collisions and such would just be making extra work for yourself. There's no need to reinvent the 3D wheel when there are already so many rolling around out there.

    The fact that you can add some cool 3D effects to spice up your game is a nice perk, though... buildings, terrain, star fields, etc. But those are all just 3D icing on a 2D cake. A perk is all it is.

    Of course, there's nothing stopping some smart guy out there from making a plugin that can load model files, move them in 3D space, and detect when two models are intersecting. It's entirely possible, and that's what open source is all about. Even so, it's not like Construct could ever compete with other 3D engines that focus solely on doing 3D.

    ...Unless there's some magical way to merge Construct completely with an existing open source engine like Irrlicht or OGRE or something, so you can use Construct event sheets to define game logic and control specially crafted objects that plug into their engine. I have no idea if that's even possible though.

  • It is possible, that is all I'm pointing out. I was simply making a contrary statement to something I knew to be false. I'm not suggesting anyone drop everything and start trying to make 3D games with Construct simply because I said it was possible.

    Just because you can do something, does not mean it is ideal, or worth your time. In that same token, however, there is no harm in following up on the potential that is there. Construct may very well do 3D to a satisfactory degree yet, but being openly adverse to the idea, or trying to stem others from trying, simply because it is not ideal, does nothing but diminish that potential.

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  • Oh, I'm not adverse to it. Quite the contrary

    I would love it if someone added more advanced 3D functionality to Construct.

  • Hmm... Construct IDE and Ogre... Drool.

  • The biggest hurdle would be a 3D layout editor, if anyone were to seriously consider it. I'd imagine that'd take a lot of time.

    With regard to this, I'm amazed how fast it runs on my piece of crap laptop .

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