World Creator v0.02 still under construction

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  • Hi! this is my last project started recently as a tribute to construct and constructors, this is the free World Creator and future RPG engine.

    Still is under development, notice i'm working alone by my self and just for fun, so progress slowly but consistant, well here is a list of feautures and controls for this version.

    • Tileset customizable by external folder.
    • Save and Load maps. (implemented with Hashtable saving loading time and management)
    • Player mode to test map.
    • Z-sorting. (but still needs improvement)
    • Layer system. (currently 2 layers [BG, Plane1], more will be added as needed)
    • Blockers mode, to restrict player movement.
    • Area identification system for more control.

    At moment this are some of feautures about World Creator, still more to be implemented.


    This works at 3 differents modes. 1) Tile mode, for drawing maps. 2) Player mode, to test map (just moving a player avatar testing purpose). 3)blockers mode, to set blockers for marking impasable areas.

    * Tile mode:

    F1, to change active layer

    F5, loads textures from 'Tilsets' directory in the AppPath root directory.

    LMB click, draws a tile of kind currently selected tile (left upper corner)

    RMB click, deletes under mouse tile.

    Clicking over current tile selected, shows tags for all tiles using that 'tile type' and 'wHeight'

    C, clear all 'tile type' and 'wHeight' tags from screen.

    H, toggles visibility of blockers.

    * Player mode:

    RMB click, sets player position to mouse.

    LMB click, move player to mouse.

    * Blocker mode:

    LMB first click, start a new blocker line.

    LMB second click, finish a blocker line.

    RMB click over blocker line, deletes the line.

    Holding CTRL, sets Line's start or end to appropiate corner of tile close to mouse.

    Release notes:

    Still under construction, still a lot of functions and GUi to implement, this release is intended to be tested and i expecting your feedback to improve system.

    Thanks, expect this be fun to test World Creator...

    World Creator v.0.02 Testing

    Give credit to who helped you grow costs nothing [;)]


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  • Nice, finally the start of the engine :P.

    When you sort the sprites, do you separate the ground layer from the other objects? Couldn't find my way in your cap yet^^ Do you later implement real isometric sorting, or just a workaround? I hope this is getting a big engine :)

  • Hi sorry for late in replay... too much wotk in job... Well I'm using a simple comparison, using a pair of PV ('tile_type' and 'wHeight'), tiletype is used to identify terrain and wHeihgt is a short for world height is used to identify when de/activate blockers.

    These PV's togheter Layers makes the z-ordering system, as follow:

    There is a Player sprite and a PlayerShadow sprite, the 1st is a repersentation of player, and 2nd is really who interacts with blockers and Layers. And there is 2 layers 'BG' (background or ground layer. object and tiles in there should be 0 wHeight), and 'Plane1' (overlapping 'BG' layer for in front objects and/or tiles), so PlayerShadow sprite checks for all tiles overlapped by Player sprite, then checks Y coord of both tile and PlayerShadow, when PlayerShadow's Y is higher than Tile's Y and if that tile is on the same wHeight as the PlayerShadow, then send PlayerShadow to front of that tile, and so on... (The checking is made ascending by Y coord, in order to ensure tile near player head checked before other).

    This is how works system used in World Createor, still need improvement.


    PD: sorry my english.

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