Working on my first game [ESC]

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  • Hi,

    My name's Jim.

    I'm working on my first game[ESC]


    Download demo here

  • Great little game! Graphics are fantastic, it's got a really retro feel.

    I did find the controls unnatural and really confusing though, and the guards with the lasers were annoying because due to the fast pace of the game and the way they fire at timed intervals, I found myself blindly flying into them quite often. Might suggest that the lasers knock you back rather than kill you outright, or even give your player a health bar that will let you take say, three hits before killing you (environmental hazards could still kill you outright though)

    Overall though, great stuff, look forward to seeing it develop!

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  • Video sure looked neat, gonna check it out.

    May not quite go with the style, but I get this feeling like some mild extra effects (like gradients and glow overlaid for lighting) could make it really pop when it comes to visuals.

  • This looks awesome, great work JimPxl!

  • The game looks great, but it's really hard for me to play it. I'm leftie and the controls are for right-handed players, plus same what untune said about the guards.

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