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  • A short demo of a platformer I have been working on for some time. It�s supposed to be somewhere between Wonder Boy and Metroid in gameplay, and like an early Mega Drive/Genesis game when it comes to the graphics.

    <img src="http://willhostforfood.com/users/D/demolam/screen1.PNG">

    <img src="http://willhostforfood.com/users/D/demolam/screen2.PNG">


    • Next gen resolution! (320x200)
    • Sound effects that will make you go ahh!
    • A boss battle that is like nothing you�ve seen

    Planned features:

    • At least three more levels
    • Two more bosses
    • At least one more ability
    • Better graphics and sound
    • Music

    Since this is the first really anything that I�ve released all feedback is more than welcome, however I would especially appreciate if you mentioned something about the graphics, the controls or the general gameplay (is it fun at all?).


    Arrow-keys � move

    Z � jump

    X � shoot

    Shift � scan objects

    Space � delete message

    The demo: http://willhostforfood.com/users/D/demolam/demo.exe

  • Installer? No, thanks.

  • don't bother with an installer if there's only a single .exe

  • Whops, sorry for that. Fixed it now so it�s just a simple exe.

  • WELL, i would call it 'practising' ^^'

  • I like the background graphics, as for the player sprite, I dont know. I have no idea what he is.. some purple thing? anyway yeah the ground and the trees, clouds and mountains look great. Its kinda fun but I kinda lose my edge when I have to start ALLL the way back at the beginning

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  • I can't play this :/

    From what I can see the graphics are pretty nice for the most part. But the screen is way too small and my PC doesn't do 320x200 at fullscreen. And since it's so small, and everything is moving so fast, it's pretty much just an exercise in futility. I got to the cave and just gave up.

    And also, since it's so small, I can't tell what the player is. And there's a lot of contrast issues with the text and the background which makes it hard to read. Also, issues with the bullets in the cave. I couldn't even tell I was shooting sometimes.

    And I noticed you said you had sound effects, but I don't hear any sound at all.

  • Thanks for the feed back deadeye and Highimpact!

    Deadeye: I�m sorry to hear that. I�ve tried to run the game in windowed mode and I know it�s really not playable. I guess I put it in so that the game did not just crash at the beginning, and that I was hoping that everyone would be able to run it in fullscreen in the end. I will try to make some workaround to provide something between the fullscreen and windowed versions. Also, I think you are right about the colours. I�ll alter them a bit to increase the contrast and make everything more visible.

    About the sounds however I don�t know, it works fine here, but if it isn�t working for all of you I guess I messed up somewhere. Anyway, it�s just some random sounds that I created in SFXR so that it would not be completely quiet.

    Highimpact: The problem with the player sprite is that I drew him first, at a point where I didn�t know much about how to create sprites, hence his dull looks. Maybe I will change it, it depends on how motivated I will feel about this in a couple of days. I guess I will throw in a check-point in the 2nd level, however there is one in the cave, but I guess you never made it that far. There could also maybe be that the rewards of continuing are to small when you have to go back. But I�ll try the checkpoint thing first.

  • I cant get past the green worm at the end of the cave level

    Um the platformming variables could use some tweaking. He accelerates and decerates pretty slow, making it hard to jump on platforms etc. If he accelerated and decelerated faster, it would be more fun

  • I cant get past the green worm at the end of the cave level

    Um the platformming variables could use some tweaking. He accelerates and decerates pretty slow, making it hard to jump on platforms etc. If he accelerated and decelerated faster, it would be more fun

    If you shoot the worm 20 times, or something like that, in the eye he dies and leavs a diving equipment. Maybe I should make a hint about that, it's just so obvious to me (perhaps since it's my game). You then have to back-track to the water in the second level.

    The idea was to give the player a sort of a heavy feel, but I guess the platforming requires too much precision at the moment to have such low acceleration and decceleration. I'll try to fix that, along with the other complaints.

    I also think that I need some more shortterm rewards. At the moment, there's simply to little stuff for you to collect in the levels (such as the coins and mushrooms in super mario) so I thought that maybe the enemies could drop some money or something.

    Anyway, thanks for the help everyone.

  • Deadeye has been having trouble with sound on a few things lately I have noticed...

    Hurry up and put that computer together dammit D:


  • yeah i played the game really quck before I went to bed, if you upload another build ill put some more time into it.

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