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  • Link: http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/acti ... mark/1537/

    This game is not very good in my opinion, and it probably won't be more than a prototype since a different game I'm working on is turning out better. However I don't necessarily want it to go to waste by not showing anyone.


    Arrow keys - control character

    'A' key - action button

    Additional info:

    When you are flying the broomstick, you probably don't want to go completely out of the play area because you'll lose a life.

    You cannot kill the broomstick, so don't worry about enemies touching the broomstick.

    Complaints already noted:

    Enemy AI needs to be smarter.

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  • Woa thetrue, this is really hard. I always happen to collide with something. Do you use bounding box collision on the Witch sprite?

    Also I kind of get the feeling this should constantly scroll. It's just more natural in such avoid obstacles kind of games I guess.

    I'd also like to see smaller sprites/more forgiving hitboxes and at least the option to go windowed. It's a nice start and I hope you'll take the time to improve upon this.

  • This is one of the strangest games I have ever played.

    I have no idea what's going on. I really like the cutscene where the girl walks in and moons the two people in love. I hope you don't mind when I say I found your game to be hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing because it was so random and weird.


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