[WIP] Radioactive Sperm (Please add suggestions!)

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    (currently only uses X-Box 360 controller, but am trying to add keyboard controls without conflicts)


    I've been working on a little experiment that, while I realize the subject matter is a little bizarre, it fit the spirit of the gameplay at the time so the sperm getting to the egg theme is the current one I'm going with.

    I'd like some input on whether I should make it more complex or if I should simplify it as I don't want to get too far along and have to go back and change a bunch. It's also very much a work in progress, the second test level is only half converted, the timing is off on some things, not to mention there's no goal yet or any system of progression.

    Any ideas on what I should do with it or if it's even any good in the first place? I don't know if I should ditch the theme (such as removing the shooting element all together and having some other method of implementing instrument control) or if I should make it more abstract music visualizer or more game with music taking a backseat. Any input is welcome

  • Great music and some pretty impressive effects for the changes in the direction of the tunnels. If this is the first look at your game then we have something to look forward to.

    P.S. Bleaahhh!!! So much Sperm!!!!

  • Oh no and its radioactive .

  • Heh, interesting concept.

    I keep expecting Shviller to chime in saying "In Russia sperm shoot you!".

  • Love the concept, keep the concept.

    I actually love everything. The music thing is fantastic, and the soundtrack is a great composition as well! Dont make it too complicated. Maybe one more weapstrument, but no more. Finnish this with good quality and it's a winner!

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  • Thanks to everyone that replied with the feedback! I wasn't sure if I was going to continue this project but the positive reception has definitely made me re-think my decision.

    I agree that one more weapon type should be plenty, although I haven't decided if I want it to be offensive or add some defensive elements to it. I'm definitely going to include more enemy types or at the very least have more complex patterns you must weave through, though I will also make the controls tighter if i do that since they are deliberately clumsy to add effect.

    Any other suggestions are welcome. Should I have more than just the sperm theme? I was thinking for the second gameplay type maybe some kind of alien or zombie invasion (think space invaders but you are controlling the invaders, but instead of flying in space they're maybe walking down a street "Thriller" style ) where in the sperm levels you try to cause as many children to be spawned (twins, triplets, octo-mom?) that would provide more creatures (or hit points in a sense) for the following invasion level. That may be a bit much though...

    A friend of mine suggested having controllable key shifts, or having splits in the path that would change the music with each new path, though both of these would be tricky as I don't know how to accomplish either.

    Anyway, thanks again!

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