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  • Some liken it reverse Tower Climb... others liken it to Spelunker...

    DOWN is a cave exploration game where the player must try to descend as far as possible into the procedurally generated caves. Armed with glowsticks and explosives to aid the journey (as well as a bunch of stuff I have yet to add), you try and reach a depth that no man has ever reached while trying to stay alive.

    Game is still very early, but check it out:




    • W,S,A,D for movement
    • G for Glowsticks
    • Right Click for Jump
    • B is still Bomb
    • Spacebar to Detonate
    • Mouse Wheel Scroll to Zoom in/out
    • Left Click is RESERVED

    Also added HOME key to reset level (sometimes causes a crash, not sure why)

    Known bugs:

    • Sometimes level will not generate properly due to bug with creating entrance and/or exit. Game will appear to freeze.
    • If you exit the level at the bottom, you will fall out of the level
    • If you jump out of the entrance at the top, you will fall out of the level

    Builds to come will feature:

    • Fully animated character
    • "Zoom to Search" function, making players be more aware of their surroundings in order to survive
    • Dynamic ropes and abseiling system
    • Loads of items, such as glowsticks, bombs, ropes, food, medical, and more
    • Player character needs and thoughts
    • Dynamic and randomly sized cave sections : DONE
    • Headlamp with mouse aiming: DONE
    • Aim-able "throw" system for glowsticks: DONE
    • Ability to plant bombs on specific tiles
    • Better graphics
    • Depth Counter
    • Water filled areas (possibly using 'Fluid')

    Feedback welcome as always!


  • Looking pretty sweet so far SoldjahBoy, love the glow sticks.

  • Has the potential to be a pretty nice game

    A few suggestions (some you might have in mind but didn't mention)

    A depth counter - since the idea is to descend as far as pssible it'd be nice to see how many meters, feet, fathoms, whatever I've gone down.

    Injuries system - Currently (early build I know) you can fall any distance with no harmful effects, since you are thinking of a needs system and medical items, I think this would tie in well. It would also tie in with the ropes, making you use them rather than just tossing yourself down the hole. Injuries could hinder the player too, slow movement down, reduce jump height, reduce field of vision, reduce number of items you could carry.

    Underwater/Water - Flooded areas. When I see caver's on TV go underwater in a cave system it make me feel ill. Could be nice if you can work it into the generator.

    That's all at the minute I'm sure more will come to mind later

  • New build up.

    1. Now supports mouse & keyboard controls.

    • W,S,A,D for movement
    • Left Click for Glowsticks
    • Right Click for Jump
    • B is still Bomb
    • Spacebar to Detonate
    • Mouse Wheel Scroll to Zoom in/out

    Also added HOME key to reset level

    2. Now also randomly creates the size of the level with minimum and maximum constraints (so you don't end up with something so narrow you can't get through). Sometimes the level may be really wide and not very high, so sideways travelling may be required... while other times it may be narrower but very deep.


    Most of those ideas I had already thought of, however the flooded areas I had not thought about. That is an excellent idea. I shall look into a good way to intelligently place water tiles in the level generation... maybe lucids fluid dynamics thing could be useful here?


  • Updated

    -Glowstick is back to "G"

    • Glowstick can now be thrown towards mouse cursor for better aim
    • Overall size of tiles and character are larger giving a more confined feel
    • Player now has a headlamp (and a head)
    • Bombs now work as intended
    • Explosion graphics tweaked and improved
    • Multiple bombs can now be placed and detonated at once
    • Fixed bug where entrance and/or exit could be made in the corners
    • Several minor changes and tweaks

    Known bug: Sometimes the map generator freezes up on creating entrances or exits. This is caused by having no available space to create. Will fix soon.


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  • Due to major bugs with physics stability/things not working, this project is temporarily on hold.


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