The Winter War: 1939-1940 Project

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  • Okay here is my newest project and at the moment im looking for help in this. But first lemme tell something about this game. This game is based on The Winter War(Russo-FInnish war). In the game you play with soldier in many famous operations of that war and try to help repel Russians. There is gonna be somekind of exp system so you earn medals and higher ranks and even maybe just maybe you get your own squad to command and help. Game is supposed to be pretty realistic but also fun to play so it cannot be too realistic. We got our game's graphic side covered but we need some help with AI (which is gonna be very important as there is gonna be morale system and so on) and then we might need help with sounds so if anyone has or can create great sounds like gun firing, russian v12 diesel tank engine:P or even wind,birds everything please help! And if you are really interested and want to become part of team I would be very glad especially if you are good in programming AI as I have few probs with it.

    Here's some early pictures of game: <img src="">

    And here is very very early test thing where I tested artillery effects and now I know a lot more about effects and particles so they are gonna be a lot nicer looking in the final product. (Use 1,2,3,4 to fire artillery)

  • cool project, i wish you best of luck with it.

    the effect is cool but doesnt look at an artillery shell exploding

    • the shock-wave is eye candy, right now it take to much space, half the size /intensity would do it.
    • artillery fire are more dust and rock flying all over, no really fire. i mean there is fire but you don't really see it because of all the dust or chuck of enemy flying around.
    • the crater can be a big bigger according to the explosion size
    • i was really deceived to not hear iron maiden while playing the EXE. Please correct that. the trooper would be good

    yup the trooper with artillery would rock... not really 39-40 but hey!! the cool is timeless.

  • Hehe I know that there is more dirt and shit flying around but I was just playing with shockwaveys in that

  • Have you checked out The Freesound Project?

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  • Ty ^^ Looks good site. Now im wondering that has anyone made AI that works for lets say 100 or more enemies cuz I have some probs gettin all enemies do what I want em to do. Here's what im looking for AI:

    Enemies move to their objective and if there is other guys in their way they battle agaisnt em and after that continue to objective.

    If they are under fire they cover behind rocks,craters etc.( I got circles that are called cover placed in those places)

    Then If their comissar is killed and they have suffered lots of casualties etc. they would retreat because their morale is so low.

    And they would randomly attack agaisnt our positions if they got enough men left.

    I know how to do morale thing, and that they randomly attack but I dont have good ideas how to make em clever enough to cover or that they would lets say do some maneuvers like flank or so. Is it even possible?

  • off topic but, what language is your windows in

  • Finnish ofc :p

  • Meh anyone know why my preview isnt working? -.- Im making minigame style thing so if that could help me get someone to help me with AI :p and it provides good playground to test effects,AI and balance in overall.

  • I get message which says that temp.exe must close etc. -.-

  • Got it fixed now im close to release the minigame so here is some info:

    Its small game where I test effects,sprites and mostly AI. Its fully playable: You move soldier with few different weapons and try to kill everything that is comin towards you. There is some bonuses that you can pick up and you can have artillery shooting to help you with some though enemies (tanks)

  • Ive been silent here but now I got some info. The main game's productions is stopped for moment atleast as I want to wait for Construct 1.0 before resuming. Minigame is still being developed though Im having some problems with AI and reward system/bonuses. Im also going to implement internet high score list after ive finished new webpage.

  • If you're looking for sounds. Like background sounds, tank sounds (reload, fire, drive, idle, turret traverse), gun sounds and some more, you should, if you can, download forgotten hope.

    Unfortunately you will need battlefield 1942 (the game) and the mod, which is about 2 gigs.

    You can rip the sounds from the mod. None of them are protected.

  • Opening your exe file gives me a message saying that my videocard only supports Pixel Shader 0.0 effects

  • I got both BFs (1942 and 2) and both Forgotten Hopes I even asked permission to use though they didnt give it

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