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  • ok ok i get it ,Sheesh.

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  • Hahahahhahahahahaha rofl rofl xD xD hihihiih kekeekek


    Yeah thats it

    Yeah sorry but thats my reaction to this and well show us some of your current work and we might be able to get even a bit interested

  • what she said

  • whah? girl where???+ me wants!"!!!!

    Okay anyways

  • Be nice, boys.

    Anyway, yeah, Eaglelore Team, you will have to show SOMETHING first before you can expect others to take you seriously. Moreover, nobody is going to work for free only to see their work being sold as AAA commercial titles.

    Get some mileage under first with small prototype projects. Python scripting? Construct? Do your own projects, learn, figure it out, whatever - show that you are serious and committed.

    You have to commit to it first before you can ask others to commit to you.

  • That we can also create AAA Commercial titles

    I see Sagal's point. You come off as sounding like you are already in the game business and have programmed commercial quality games before, but didn't bother to post any references to your games.

    I do like your artwork though. I'd recommend you post more details and info on the games you've made before. With the current level of detail all you will get are noobs wanting to join up, not gurus. Also, I'm a big fan of Python scripting but why is an expert necessary for this project? Just curious.

  • you said you're 35 right?

    thick skin you got there to go along with that maturity level

  • I guess this is some way of getting back at scirra for all the horrible things they've said to you? I clicked on the site, and then clicked the back button. that's the extent of the disturbance you've caused.

    grow up

  • WTF!!!who changed my post : Ok if this is some kind off a joke then im not laughing.I know you guys think my idea sucked but plz dont change my post.I know it's not my niece cause she doesn't even have a pc.Also i see that some off my pics on my pc and some off my exe files have mysteriously gone missing.

  • Maybe you've been hacked?

  • It's confirmed iv'e been hacked.Some idiot hacker wannabe compromised my old pc , So im using my other pc now.Hopefully i have enough firewallls in place now hehehe.

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