VERLIES: a good old dungeon crawler game

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  • Hi all!

    I just present my first game made with this amazing software construct that is!

    I would first like to congratulate the developers of construct, for creating this wonderful software to create a 2D game without any limits, contrary to the belief of the "real programmer".

    I actually a little anecdote of a friend programmer who said: "with your software you will never create a random dungeon".


    It's done. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">


    So, what's it Verlies ?

    Verlies is a dungeon crawler / Hack & Slash taking place in dungeons filled with deadly traps, chests and other randomly generated stuff. You will be facing enemies, searching for equipment and powerful scrolls, and meeting NPCs offering various services for a fee. All of this being randomly generated, from start to finish (spells' cost and power, enemies' strenght, gear's statistics, location of the NPC, etc ...).

    To face these traps waiting to kill you at every corner you cross and every box you open, you will have 12 "jobs" to choose from. They will allow you to build your own and unique character.

    Building a balanced game (difficulty, economy, ...) was one of the main objective of the development, and was conducted with the utmost care. You will definitively have a hard time choosing between the various services offered by the NPCs (sale & purchase, maintenance of the gear, blessings, forging of new items, etc...).

    I hope it will motivate many to finish their project! Courage!

    PS: Sorry for my english approximation, this is not my native language. <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    And if you want to get it there is "Pay what you want" on Indievania.

    Official site

    Indie DB

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  • Alright, I bought your game, and I had a lot of fun playing it.

    It's a real pleasure to see that such a game can be acheived with construct, and I hope it will motivate other devs !

    So what about the game in itself ?

    Well it's for hardcore gamers imo. It's really hard if you play in the "I'm invicible !" mode. Death always happens suddenly if you're careless, poisoned or out of potions. And the level randomness makes it even more difficult. Finding NPC ( for buying antidote for exemple )is sometimes a real releif ! Definitely not the kind of game which takes you smoothly by the hand, you're in a dark, violent and pityless world !

    Graphics are simple & old school, without animations. Definitely not a "next gen" game, but It works well, and with the patch you can change every images (and sounds), and mod the game. Yeah you can make a ramdomly generated dunjon with lolcats, dead presidents, or whatever you like !

    I must write a note about the weird NPC's design, because it's real humoristic and add a lot of "brittish nonsense" to the athmosphere.

    For example, the naked gay friendly Blacksmith, who welcomes you with a large smile ( so fresh !), the potion lady which I assume has made an internship with duke nukem ( really ? a gorgeous women wearing a tight dress in a dunjon infested with zombies and deadly creatures !??). The thief who really seems to live in a cave, and daily eating rats, the seemingly drunk merchant.... It works well because while the game remains serious and dark, those NPC are real fun by constrast.

    About the game mechanics, even if it's defined by the donjon crawler genre, the combats are a bit repetitive, and I would have like to find more varied weapons. Something like, some weapons much effective against a certain kind of enemies ( maybe in a future patch ?). That said, you can fight with sword AND magic (explosion/ healing ...) so combat is ok, and the "almost turned based system" add a lot of adrenaline to it all.

    The inventory could be improved too. You can't move objects to reorganise your stuff ( strange, but finally not a problem because moving objects is useless)and every item is "cursed" like in roguelike games : if you wear something which add penalties to your attributes you can't remove it unless you have another object of the same type. That's weird, but once you know that you don't get caught again :)

    Well that's a big post ! I hope this tiny "test" can help those who hesitated to get the game. Good work Tylerkitano !

    EDIT : Oh yeah I forgot something, movement can be strange when you play for the first time. Don't forget to download the patch which enable movement with arrow keys, and activate the minimap. Once you'll have cross one or two levels, you'll get used to it !

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