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    <font size="6">Vanity (r11)</font>

    "What is Vanity?"

    Normally it would mean how one views himself in a mostly positive way. In this case, Vanity is a game I am working on; A top-down arcade shooter with assloads of enemies, complete with awesome music by Pitfall, running on a well optimized engine.


    The game itself is incomplete, but I am hoping to get feedback from you guys on the games quality, and different ideas on items or bosses.

    "Wtf, how do I play this?"

    -You can move using WASD, IJKL, or Arrow keys.

    -You normally aim with the mouse, but you can set it up so you can fire using one of the three movement key sets.

    -There isn't any specific goals ATM, and only two bosses work, but as time goes on I will get closer to having a full, working game.

    "What is this shiny stuff in the options menu?"

    If you hover over the options with the mouse, it should give you a basic description of what it does!

    "Some of the menu buttons don't work!"

    Yeah, because only some of the menu buttons have been programmed. Bosses 1,4, and 5 haven't even been made yet!

    "Where can I download it?"

    Here. (Don't know why you asked those questions if you didn't even download it yet.)

    Enjoy what I have so far, and please tell me if you run into any issues or if you have any ideas. :)

  • Bump. I have it on IndieDB now!

    You can find a video and a newer version of the game there!

  • Now this game I really like. Just don't make it slower in future releases phobos002. Really cool fast-paced arcade-shooter.

  • Thanks! I just put R13 on the GameJolt profile as well, so be sure to check it out ;)

    And don't worry, the game wont slow down anytime soon...

  • Nice game! You can work on menu it bug some times

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  • Oh uh, I have the latest version on IndieDB:

    It's probably fixed, but also some of the buttons aren't finished yet. They are in R14, but I wanna talk to Desura about publishing and stuff first.

  • This is really nice Phobos002 <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It is great to see people getting things done with CC.

  • A very important bump, because the game is now purchasable on IndieVania!

    I don't know how I can promote the games existence very well. I was gonna ask NerdCubed to try it out, but I am unable to get a hold of him by any easier means.

    I also want to use IndieVania to get funds for Steam Greenlight, and get reviews on what I should improve on in the game in order to make it worthy for steam.


  • Find video reviewers, post stuff about it on reddit(this one can generate huge traffic, and it can be done in no time), make a twitter account, fb group, stuff like that. There is a pretty good blog about promoting indie games

    And try the others as well(rockpapershotgun, indiegamereviewer, and so on).

    Good luck, your game looks great, I love the camera shake, and the colors - it needs more gore though.:D

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