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  • Here's a 2d array editor for easy creation and editing of arrays.

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5426011/examples3/ArrayEdit.cap made in 0.99.96


  • You sir, are a wizard. You have no idea how many children you have just saved with your heroics, and I take back everything I may or may not have said about your mother. If god weren't imaginary, I'd imagine he'd be something like you.

    EDIT: It works just fine. For the sake of readability, I added a quick feature that allowed the user to enter the screen size, so if the user had trouble reading the array blocks when many are present. Another idea I had was to alternate the color of each line, but I couldn't figure it out. My only other gripe was that an item set to blank sets back to zero if it's reloaded, but other than that you did awesome.

  • Glad you like it. I changed the link in the first post with the features you mentioned.

    • The window can now be resized.
    • The grid is checkered for better visibility.
    • When loading, empty grids will no long become 0.
  • Sweet Jesus, this is the closest thing there is to a Database editor in Construct. Man.

    It certainly would help if the interface was more like, say, Excel, such as scrolling and being able to set column width/height. Also, there's a bit of a problem - the amount of characters you can input is limited to the size of the actual cell at the time.

  • Updated the link again.

    • Added scrolling when the grid is bigger than 20x20.
    • Added row/column numbering.
    • Fixed the problem of not being able to type text larger than a cell.
    • Changed the color pattern of the grid.
    • And a few other minor fixes.


    Change the grid colors, too many pastels


    Honestly, it's making me wonder whether maybe this could let me just use arrays rather than 'S'... Then again, I'm not sure. A visual editor for 'S' arrays and Supers would be awesome, though.

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  • This is great, I'm sure I'm going to use this a lot.


  • This is great! I love useful tools like this.

    Thanks for sharing!:)

  • Very useful tool thanks

    The new versions scroll bars seem a bit odd because they reach the end position before it's finished the area/page scrolling but it's not that important.

  • I already made an array editor months ago, but never really knew people would have been interested in one

    Also, out of the worry of people using it to easily hack game saves

    But knowing R0J0Hound, his one's probably a lot better... I'll be sure to test it later in the week.

  • You know, you could probably get this to read 3D arrays. It's just a matter of making a + and - key to swap between the different sheets. The size of the z array would be determined on the largest z page with a value on it. Don't know if this is plausible or not.

  • Thanks for the example, it's simple to use and gui looks nice and clean

  • I was wondering if I can somehow make a simple change so that if i resize the window, the size of the cells stays the same but I can see mroe of them. I'd like to use this to edit a very large array so this would help if possible.

  • Just mess with the global variables 'maxrow', 'maxcol'. They define the maximum number of rows and columns visible on the screen.

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