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  • Hi everyone, my name's Pedro Madrugo, I'm a portuguese student and I aim to become a game developer. I'm starting my first step on this long road through Construct Classic, which I found to be an awesome tool (previously used it to make my presentation, made a cute platformer game).

    Anyways, as I attempt to follow that road, I've since noticed that the resources I currently possess are not really all that adequate (Saying this because, although Construct is an awesome tool, I do not want to limit myself to it), as such I started a small post(ish) at Indiegogo to acquire some funds as to assist me in this endeavor.

    This might not sound all that adequate to do so on a forum, but even if you cannot or won't offer anything, some friendly words and a share would be more than welcome. =)

    Thanks in advance.

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