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    This isn't really new anymore, just forgot to post it here to show everyone; sorry about that.

    I can't believe this wound up being my first completed game/interactiveprogramofweirdnessandstupidity. Here's where you can download it: CLICKY THIS LINKY

    Anyway... Time for a readme copy/paste! YES! (Hope no one minds.)

    • Ugh 1.01

    Edit: I think I fixed the only known bug in this version... Hopefully. You should no

    longer have to press R when the guy first comes on screen for the game to work


    Hey, thanks for trying out my first stupid completed game ever! If you can call

    it a game. I was listening to my oldest sister talking about people and stuff one night,

    and then this idea came, so whatever.

    • What's happening?

    Anyway, in this game, you're trying to help some drunk dude get to the trashcan in

    time to vomit. If he doesn't make it, well... I'm sure you can guess what'll happen.

    (I didn't make it TOO gross, don't worry.)

    • Controls?

    Press Esc to exit the program.

    Press Enter at the title screen to play the game.

    Use the arrow keys to help the man get to the trashcan.

    If you lose, or just feel like starting over again, press R to restart.

    • What should I avoid?

    Press the arrows that appear at the bottom of the screen.

    If you press the wrong arrow, or the meter directly below the displayed arrow runs

    out, you will lose one health point.

    The meter lasts for one second; should be more than enough time if you just relax.

    For every ten correct arrow keys you press, the man will move one step forward.

    • Last thoughts and comments~

    Thanks goes to both my sisters for motivation! Thanks to anyone who tries this out,

    even if they wind up hating it, which wouldn't surprise me in the least! Thanks to the

    Doctor for SFXR and Musagi! Thanks to the creators of Construct (Keep up the great work


    Hope this little game doesn't offend anyone. It was purposely made to look kind of

    barfy and yuck, so try not to judge my graphic skills based on this silly little thing.

    I think that's everything...


    Everything in this game was put together by Knite (aka KniteBlargh, T. Gantt, and


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  • A work of genius!

    I commend you.

  • Haha, thanks Deadeye!


    This is epic! I love it

    Reminds me of... me!


  • wow, this dude has been at the trash can for 10 minutes and he's still going at it.

  • SoldjahBoy: Thanks! You're not the first one to say that the dude reminds you of yourself. LOL Kyn on TIGSource said the same thing. x3

    Stainsor: He's feeling so rotten, he'll go on barfing for as long as your computer lives!

  • This game is a little weird. Nice minigame, by the way. Keep up, good work.

  • Hahaha just played it. Wicked!

  • This game is amazing. The graphics are realy good also; it gives the game a nice feel to it.

  • Thanks for the great comments guys. I really wasn't expecting such good feedback for my first game, so I'm very pleased and thankful for your kind support.

  • LOL!

  • Genius. Now whenever I feel a little wobbly and sick, I'll take a keyboard with me!

  • Haha! Maybe pressing the arrow keys will help you make it on time, eh?

    Once again, thanks for the comments! (Now to move on to something hopefully more worthwhile. LOL)

  • So how did you make this btw? Did you use the timeline object or lots and lots of events?

  • So how did you make this btw? Did you use the timeline object or lots and lots of events?

    Lots and lots of events... I haven't even tried the timeline object yet.

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