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  • Hello everyone,

    <img src="http://www.warsoup.com/files/tree_01.jpg">

    Christmas is always a cool time for me - as a kid I always used to play games at christmas, but in recent years I've always used the time off to experiment.

    I watched Mononoke two days ago on TV and had this idea that it'd be cool to play a Kodama in the forest, so I cobbled together this little tech demo. I still have tons of graphics from Sein lying around, so that was pretty simple to do. The character sprites are ripped from Phil Fish's 'Fez' (sorry Phil, hope that's okay with you - if not, pop me a mail and I'll take it down asap!), since Gomez looked a bit like a Kodama.

    Dunno if I'll ever do something with it (too busy on Warsoup), but I thought it's pretty neat and should post the tech demo:

    http://www.warsoup.com/files/tree.rar (18megs)

    I added joy2key and my config to the executable (again, hope that's cool with the joy2key dude), you'll need to launch the joy2key exe and then the tree.exe to play the game. Yes, you do need a Xbox 360 Controller to play it properly.


    Analog Left / Right = Move

    Analog Down = Duck

    Analog Up = Enter

    A = Jump

    X = Run

    B = Attack

    Y = Build Portal (works the same as in portal, you place an InPortal, then an OutPortal and you press up to switch between them)

    LB = ZoomOut

    RB = ZoomIn

    Start = Pause/Inventory

    NOTE: This TechDemo is super crude. You can't really do a lot, other than walking around, running, hiding in the bushes (good for hiding from enemies, let them pass by), attack, pause, etc. - And a ton of stuff (like the inventory) isn't working yet.

    That's it. Hope you guys still enjoy it

    Edit: Oops, just had to reupload since I forgot to add the music into the resource. Just download it again if you just downloaded it and you don't hear music / doesn't work. Thanks!

  • looks nice, downloading it right now

    the screenshot looks nice but the colour of the Kodama(player) looks out of place. (maybe it's just me)

    and good luck on warsoup!

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  • I'm a sucker for pretty screenshots, and the use of high-contrast white/black/blue, the soft vignette, and the terrain silhouettes are compelling me to download this.


  • It looks great, pity it's very slow, I think below 20fps.

    Duo 2GHz, 3GB ram, 9300M 256MB

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