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  • Awesome! Does that mean it's getting close to complete?

  • Yup! But there's still a few things left to add.


    ime for an update!

    So, V1.2 is almost complete. As I've explained on the forums, the multiplayer update required a complete refactor of the entire game, which was extremely time consuming and mind numbing. No hard date on when it will be out, but I'm hoping soon. However,(!) In between this monotonous boiler-plate work, I managed to work some (a lot) more on the fabled "chapter II" of the game. I had to, even if it delayed the patch a few months; I needed to work creatively to keep spirits high!

    hapter II has:

    80% wider levels: This opens up more horizontal exploration, and allows for more flexibility in level design.

    Hard(er): The first half of the game was basically a tutorial. You learned to climb, throw, use items, and move fluently. If you were able to complete the first chapter, it's because you learned how to play the game properly. In Chapter II, mastery is applied.

    Thematic: The first chapter had (more or less) elemental themed levels. Chapter II has, well.. different themes! Ha! That's all you're getting for now.

    he entire soundtrack is nearly complete! Yup! Almost an entire CD's worth of music. It will be for sale with the game in the final release. A few of you guys pre-ordered it already, so you'll be getting that too when it comes out!

    hapter II has your character feeling more confident. He's made it past the ground bound tower; what's stopping him now? Sure, he might (sigh, probably will) die, but he hasn't yet. Chapter II's music -slightly- departs from the "damn, I'm going to die and what is this place" feeling the original tracks had, and progresses towards hope, mystery and valiance. (and 'nads of steel.) It was a real joy to compose, and I hope it accurately reflects the feeling of the later levels, and makes the final game that much more memorable. I won't settle for anything less than perfection.

    know what you're thinking. "SIGH, where are the pictures!?" My answer is get lost kid. Kidding! I really want to leave Chapter II to be experienced. When I was younger, I loved nothing more than to progress to new areas in a game without any idea as to what lied ahead. The unspoiled exploration stirred that primitive apelike urge to forge ahead. I want to keep the second half of the game really special. So no peekie! But! I've dropped off a nice ~5 minute mashup of a bunch of Chapter II's music for you. This is but a small slice of the full OST. Just click the "music" link on the left to give it a listen.

    n other news, I've been working on a new pixel art animation tool! GraphicsGale is dandy, but it lacks the ability to quickly iterate and design low resolution motion. Optimized and designed with low-res in mind, My new tool (soon to be released publicly) greatly facilitates pixel art animation, allowing you to quickly assemble and create a weighty, flowing, animation. Much like the animation style featured in TowerClimb.

    Hope that overdue update satified! Bye bye for now, and join us on the forums!edited><editid>alspal</editid><editdate>2013-03-02 02:17:34</editdate></edited>

  • Art in this game is very intresting! I like it very much. I want to see you sell this game :)

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  • 1.2 is out!

    Key addition now being able to play 1-6 player.

  • Woo! Greenlit!

    There's hope for Construct games like mine after all

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