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  • i LOVE this game!

    So basic but so interesting, I'm also in love with the art!

    I find myself praying that the start of every level doesn't spew lava at me! One time I got 4 lava levels in a row *groan*. Highest climb so far is a bit over 1600

    I love the random element of the whole thing, it keeps the one simple concept fresh and interesting.

    One time, I started from the beginning and straight away a dog fell from the sky, landed on my head and killed me within a second

    The level design code must be pretty mean

    I have found a few things wrong with it that i'm sure you're aware of:

    • Revive pots bug out when used from dying in lava, eaten by fish, killed by worms, basically anything besides me falling I've almost stopped buying them now lol
    • I think enemies should be subject to the same laws of physics as the player, aka fall death, lava death etc
    • The other thing is, is the walk animation supposed to go that fast?

    But even with those bugs, this game is FREAKEN AWESOME

  • Woohoo new personal towerclimb record of 4395!

    Dam gas appeared on an underwater level full of fish

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  • That looks awesome. I'd pay for this game.. seriously. Hands down the best Construct game yet.

  • The pixel art version was far far better looking. It was classy and controlled. This HD version doesn't look good at all :/

  • [quote:2zn0v898]The pixel art version was far far better looking. It was classy and controlled. This HD version doesn't look good at all :/

    I do agree. I like the ambiguity of the original graphics. Some may like the new look, but I love the hazy feel of the original.

    BTW. at any rate the game was really inspiring to me. Not that I want to make a game like it, rather it reminded me of what computer games should/could be.

    I have been desiring to make long epic games but have no time. The game reminded me an epic game does not have to be epic in length (not that I beat this game )

  • The pixel art version was far far better looking. It was classy and controlled. This HD version doesn't look good at all :/

    I have to agree as well. Not that upgrading the art is a bad thing, but that's definitely the wrong direction to take.

    Unless this is an April Fool's joke... If so then good one

  • Yeah, that would be a good joke.

  • Towerclimb is one of the coolest games I've ever played. I just wish the revive potion wasn't so bugged

  • I'm really surprised Deadeye was the only one to call it...

    April Fools.

    You guys actually thought I would make my game look like this?

    I would never want to break the original atmosphere of the game, especially now with all the new levels.

    I will do a proper to-scale painting with upped graphics soon though (just to test the look), since this was just an ugly copy pasta of a bunch of sketches I did quickly yesterday before going to work.

    I'm glad I got some genuine frowns, haha.

  • copy pasta

    <img src="">

  • I thought it might just be an April Fool's thing, but I kind of liked the HD version actually. I've only seen screenshots of the original, though, so I should DL this.

  • Well I actually -did- post something earlier along the lines of, 'yeah sure' but I deleted it cause I wanted to see how it would play out

    I was talking to my brother about TC the other day (he loves it too), and we were saying its totally the kind of game that could have some pretty mad lore behind it and stuff. Not to mention the atmosphere is awesome, my wife gets uneasy on the lava/gas music haha

  • Check this out :O

    <img src="">

    Just as mini-evidence that i didn't edit it, I took a screeny along the way too

    <img src="">

    Woohoo personal best!

  • Nice, but I can assure you that a score like that will be a lot harder to get in the next version.

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