Touhou/Danmaku Engine

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  • My take on a Touhou style shmup engine.

    Not intended to be a carbon copy, I plan to include many different features, such as equips, interactive level, and multiple player bullet types.

    <img src="">

    Current features:

    Basic and Focus Movement

    Shooting (duh)

    Special shooting for focus mode.

    Enemy Indicator

    Basic Score system

    And... no sprites yet, as I intend to make custom sprites.


    Some form of enemy management and AI

    Cleanup code and HUD

    Allow multiple powerup levels and multiple bomb types.

    Item pickups, weapon equips



    Up, Down, Left, Right - Movement

    Left Shift - Focus Mode

    Z - Shoot

    X - Bombs (Not yet implemented)

    Download link:


    A minor update to get everything working smoothly. Also a code cleanup.

    ADD - Particle effects for bullets

    CHANGE - Enemies now die.

    CHANGE - Trackbar now targets closest enemy.

    FIX - Trackbar no longer goes offscreen.

    FIX - Bullets did not fire right with multiple enemies.

    DEBUG - Left clicking will spawn an enemy at mousepoint.


    <img src="">

    Direct Link: ... ild002.exe

  • No replies guys?

    Also, UPDATE:

    I took out some features in the demo as this ones simply meant to showcase the power up/down system.

    The yellow pickups add .5 to your power (Max 5) and the purple ones subtract the same amount (Currently the Powerlevel variable does not have a min value... lazy me.)

    Also, its to showoff a (cruddy?) first attempt at some form of spriting.

    Try it out and enjoy!

    Direct Link: ... 0.04.2.exe


    This version does nothing more than demonstrate these features.

    If you want a little more user experience, try v0.2 then.

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  • looks good.

    Dunno if you already have planned to change this, but I'd suggest the power ups don't do the explodey animation, as I didn't realize at first that they were powerups... I thought I was getting hit.

    I like the spinning helpers

  • Thanks for the feedback, and yeah, I was debating that as well.

    I want to have SOME form of animation for them being picked up soo... I guess its back to the drawing board on that one...

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