Third Strike

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  • This is the game I've been working on for a few months now. It took some time because it is my first game in Construct, and although Construct is wonderful, I ran into a few glitches.

    Here is a screenshot.

    <img src="">

    Click here for fullview

    I'm releasing a public beta of my game. Many parts are still missing, menus are rubbish, especially the last level (Which may not be in the actual game). This is just a gameplay test. Not to mention I still need to add music, voice acting, and plotline, this beta mostly focuses on the "tank" part of the game. All sound effects by me, but even some of those are improper, however, you can freely use them in your own games.

    Left Click to play the game. Press ESC to quit at anytime (Except in loading intervals)

    Here is the download link (11 megabytes)

    • Eammy
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  • I get somewhat confused while playing this game... also this game seems very next-gen.

  • I get somewhat confused while playing this game...


    I have no idea what I was supposed to do, I managed to shoot a few times, got little troop dudes out but had no clue what they did and saw red rings around my base.

    Any more info on how to play?

  • Left click on base to begin. You will see three buttons on the lower left.

    The first pauses the game, and gives you info.

    The second, middle one, is for movement. Click it.

    Hold down your mouse button in the air (like you're shooting) to move.

    Try clicking on the giant yellow orb to toggle shields. Now click EXIT.

    Click on the third button. Send out a troop. CLICK on the troop. It will turn yellow.

    Selected troops will automatically follow your mouse button.

    In troop mode, hold down your mouse button to move the camera. Click EXIT.

    Click on the base again to deselect it. Now you are in a secret mode. Use WASD to move individual troops that are closest to your mouse. Hold down your mouse to shoot. (Normally, in troop mode, all soldiers will shoot automatically)

    I ran into a lot of problems developing in Construct (Due to many glitches of the actual Construct program). I may use a 3D engine for future development of this game. This was just a prototype test to see what works and what doesn't.

    • Eammy.
  • If you do, Eammy, consider OGRE3d.

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