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  • Since this project originally started in 2004 or so, I've considered renaming this to "Terminal Orbit: Forever", but decided against it (most people probably don't remember the original anyway).

    Working with Gamesare who do the art, sound and music, I've started making Terminal Orbit in the latest build of Construct. It's a real time strategy game with much inspiration taken from Total Annihilation. I haven't yet played Supreme Commander, but if I had, it'd probably be inspired by that too

    Few modern 2D games push modern hardware to their limits. Terminal Orbit will. As a test, I spawned a thousand tanks and drove them in to a few hundred enemies. It's not something you see every day. I'm sure a level or two will involve obscene numbers of units (it's also a good way to profile the runtime and make sure it's as fast as possible!)

    Here's a few pics. I've worked hard to make sure in-game graphics are as high quality as possible, and I've carefully been using a customisable detail level and fallback shaders to support really old hardware.

    <img src="http://www.gullen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/scirra/to1.png">

    <img src="http://www.gullen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/scirra/to2.png">

    <img src="http://www.gullen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/scirra/to3.png">

    I'm hoping to have this done by the time Construct reaches 1.0, to prove it's worth as a game creator. Neither will be complete for some time. It's early days yet.

  • sweet mother. Looks better than the original already

    If you need any assistance

  • Looking very impressive so far.

    Finally a project which seems to take full advantage of Contruct's potential. Can't wait to see more of this game.

  • Holy crap! It's returned!

    By the way, it looks more like you started it in 2002, to me.

  • Holy sh...!!! Terminal Orbit! It was so long ago :D Ashley was still Tigerworks back then... I just stalked the site occasionally, but pretty faithfully :D

    I hope that Terminal Orbit is going to become something great!

  • Awh, makes me want to chuck the sprites I've been using for dev, and start over.

  • ~Sol

  • Ash can u please upload the orignal terminal orbit, i cant find it on TDC (link is wayyy down haha) and i wanna see what you acheived with mmf.

    Im a big fan of Total Annihilation, and Total Annihilation: Spring, the open source remake of the original game (btw i dont really like sup com much heh). This game looks promising, upload a tech demo!!!!!!! (newer than the one which is already up lol)!!!!!!!


  • Looking pretty sweet! I just heard of the Terminal Orbit saga recently, and discovered that it's one of the reasons you wanted to make Construct in the first place

    Looking forward to any demos you might toss our way...

  • Release the source when it's done, for educational purposes! ;D

    Anyway, it looks amazing.

  • Wow, I remember this well, I just figured it was abandoned. Good to see it back and looking better than ever, and we can be sure it'll all run smooth as hell in Construct's runtime.

  • omigod!! this looks AWESOME!!!!

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  • Haha, I'm surprised how many people remember this from years ago!

    I don't have the old MMF version, but I do have some screenshots of the old version. Here's a picture showing how much the rendering quality is improved. The units look much nicer!

    <img src="http://www.gullen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/scirra/oldvsnew.png">

  • Somehow I remembered it looking a lot better than that.

  • Somehow I remembered it looking a lot better than that.

    Me too...I used to have the demo, and it was a lot darker.

    Anyway, this looks really good!

    I now understand why RTS movement exists

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