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  • I´m so excited, Tenjiku Demo version is out, after long months of working.

    I want to ask you not only the "Vote for us" thing (what we still need it) but also, if you could take a little time just to commet me something...I´m a single developer, terrified, and your guidance will be very appreciated!

    I decided to go CC since I had not enough money to get the bussiness version of Construct 2, and I´m looking forward to get some benefits from this first game, so I can afford C2 and keep it up creating more games for all of you. This tool is awesome.

    I´m not allowed to post links, so I write it down. You can follow Copperpick Studio in Twitter and Facebook, and support Tenjiku in Steam Greenlight and Indiedb.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR EVERYTHING!! We´ll keep in touch

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