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  • Inspired by Granhunter101's post, I have decided to share my website to the community as well. I've had it up for awhile, but I haven't shared it here nor is it on Google yet. Anyway, I am a one.... ahem... man team dedicated to creating some unique games.

    The main project I have been working on is Epic Universe. I have hit some pretty big bumps so far, but I think I can still finish it... anyway, there is more information on the site, so please, check it out!

  • this isn't an advertisement board.

  • Sorry, I didn't mean to be advertising, I was just trying to share my games which were on the website... I don't suppose there is delete thread option?

  • this isn't an advertisement board.

    Since neither spacewarguy not Granhunter101 are selling any products or generating ad revenue, and they are members of the community, I don't see anything wrong with them posting their sites.

    However, perhaps we should have a single dedicated thread for announcing websites, so as not to clutter the forum up? Or should a link in your signature be enough of an advertisement to your site? What does everyone think?

    I'll leave these two threads for now, and let people chime in with their opinions on the matter.

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  • By the way, spacewarguy... the rules state a limit of three lines of text in your sig. You have six. You need to cut some of that out, it's too big. I've messaged Granhunter about it as well.

  • I guess it would be better just to keep it in my signature and make threads only about seperate creations here.

    I've changed my sig back to three lines as well, thanks for reminding me.

  • Post your Construct-made creations, announce your websites, etc.

    Yeah, general "netiquette" is a keeping to a single thread.

  • Well actually, I plan to sell some games but I don't plan on makeing ad threads. Mabye some screen shots in That one sticky thread. I can do that on othersites :p Hey spacewarguy, your name is my nickname "Jack"!

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