Tales of Drakkar: Criminal act

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  • Genre: Platform Role Playing Game

    The plot:

    Long ago, when the earth had not yet taken shape of a ball and did not even exist when the computer games, there lived a people, which was called "Drakkar". They are engaged in agriculture, handicrafts and did not know poverty.

    But once there was a terrible, from the castle of King Fredrik kidnapped Prince Jerome. The world embraced the horror, because nothing bad in their life did not happen until now. Thief throws a sheet with the requirements of the King, he wants you to send a million of gold to his account StoneMoney and something to eat. But as the budget of the Principality does not exceed 100 000 gold, all just to have simply decided to forget about the prince and pretend that nothing happened. However, one girl was in love with the prince and decided in any way release the prince from the hands of kidnappers, after the release obliges him to marry her.


    The gameplay consists of a two-dimensional platform game with role-playing system. We run we jump on the location and chop the meat enemies, perform various tasks.






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  • nice graphics.

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