System Shutdown: a game by Almost insane Software

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  • Almost Insane Software Presents...System Shutdown! The first offical game by AIS! To download System Shutdown, go to my website (see my sig.) and go to the game page. If you like it, put your thoughts on the guestbook on the game page. If you experience any problems, contact me. (go to the contact us page on the site)

  • I visited the site and the "download" text isn't hyperlinked.


  • Sorry about that, I haven't had access to the internet in a while and haven't been able to update the site. THE LINK IS THERE, THE GAME IS 100% COMPLETE! DROPBOX!!!

  • If anyone has any time, can they play my game and give me some feedback?

  • Hmmm.

    At first the game's very confusing. There's no indication to what you are supposed to do, except a screen that pretty much says "Destroy the viruses. Good luck". I had to figure out how to play it on my own.

    So, you move around using WSAD, and you shoot using your mouse. Pretty simple, eh?

    You have to destroy the viruses. How. By shooting a steam of fast projectiles. I don't really like the fact you have to tap all the time to shoot, your fingers get sore. The viruses shoot a lot of slow moving projectiles that can be destroyed. Also, there's a big virus that doesn't shoot, but has a lot of health and when it touches you it pretty much kills you instantly. Over the time the difficulty rises. Too bad there's no score, timer or anything to indicate how are you doing.

    Graphics are kinda ugly, but i like the old computer screen filter on some menus, like the "About" one. Also other menus are weird... The terminal one, i don't know what to do here and you can't quit it. The Health indication is nice, Screen gets more red according to health. It regenerates, but if you can't dodge you are going "Shutdown", and for some reason i can't go to menu or restart after losing. Also add some sound effects, this game would be a lot better with them.

    Overall, it's a nice danmaku game concept, but not too well executed. Keep working on it, and i bet this will be a really good game

  • There's realy 3 attacks (left mouse button-regular shot) (right mouse button-grenade launcher like attack) (Space or enter- shield) The objective is to kill 10 of the REALY big viruses. If you complete the game you unlock a new mode. If you go to the terminal and type "help" if gives you a list of commands to help you do some things.

  • Alrighty. The terminal is a very interesting concept, but it isn't simple. Also the font is really unreadable in it, so i had hard time trying to enter the commands. Also, i have defeated the big viruses, and these block in the secret mode look funny

  • I just re-realesed System Shutdown with much needed update and some crappy music (by your's truly) it's avaiable on my website, and on gamejolt. My Gamejolt profile ( ... ware/7917/) Rate it please!

  • Gran , I have to ask , did you have an actual direction with this game and an artstyle or did you honestly just add in a bunch of random crap for shits and giggles

    Honestly , it has no flow , no sense of direction , no visual attempt of putting much effort in. That's something which is utterly important in a game.

  • I wasn't aware the gam was worth giggling about besisdes of much a newb game this is. I tried a little bit, and this was my first contruct game and basically my first game EVER, I got a 3.3 average (out of 5) on gamejolt. (3 reviews) I think that's pretty good for a first game.

  • Of course it has no flow, there's one ( actualy 2, one unlockable) arena where you kill 10 big viruses, clearing the system and winning the game. In the terminal you can access that give the game a ''sliver'' of a story. Type ''help'' in the terminal.

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  • how to resolve this issue

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