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  • I'm working on a top-down zombie survival game, aimed at actual survival.

    In the game you will have to eat, drink, sleep and survive.

    It will be based in a quarantine area within a city.

    The idea is not to kill zombies, but to avoid them, they will be hard to kill and you have a chance to become infected, once infected, your character will black out and an unknown (random) amount of time will have passed. If your character dies, you become a zombie, and you hunt survivors, once your zombie version dies it's game over.

    There will be an inventory system, based on a grid and weight.

    Light and your characters vision will play an important roll. Sight will be as realistic as possible for a top-down game.

    Lighting and sight:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Demo (Lighting, sight)

    WASD to move, Right click for torch, Q and E to change time (dont go overboard).

    If you want to help, ask! I always need city themed textures! (64x64 mostly, ask if unsure)

    Leave suggestions and questions!

  • Sound very nice, even if the whole zombie-scenario is a bit overused. I'm definitely waiting to see what comes out of this one! I'm actually making something similar, but as a side-scroller, and a very different plot.

    Oh, and the link has gotten shortened, so doesn't work. Sure would be nice to try it out (:

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  • Arrg! link, y u no work?

    Here, try this


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