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  • Hey guys

    I been working all day on this one. It's a refresh rate independant example of messing around with timedelta and timescaling to create super speed similar to that of jedi knight.

    It's a little buggy still but I reckon it's cool as all hell (yes i realise the irony of what i just said...)

    Side note: I usually don't comment my files, although I know it's a good habit to get into, but i'm not so good at it, but I did this time just so you could understand a little better what it was i was doing, any questions or feedback just gimme a yell.

    Cap right here

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  • Great slo-mo example! Nice use of motion blur too! (Put it on V-synced 10x if your graphics card can handle it)

  • I usually run it around 10x motion blur vsync, but i lowered it so it would be easier on other people's systems, I also left it on unlimited fps to demonstrate that it isn't a fake slow motion/super speed, the game is -actually- making the player move dam fast.

    For fun, you can change the global variable TimeScaleTarget at the start of the layout to like 0.000001 to make the player move ONE MILLION times faster than normal speed, it makes it look like you froze time. But I have experienced one or two crashes when doing this. I figure the one thousand times faster is still pretty impressive

    I would prefer not setting the time scale every tick even when there is no change in time scale but it returned inaccurate results if i did otherwise.....

    Also as a side note Ashley: The type of movement in this example is what I'm trying to make with the ball and physics behaviours, which is why I wanted to be able to set X/Y components for the ball. It works fine with physics (once the new engine is fixed . Personally I would prefer to do it all as a custom movement but the collisions are SO hard to code right, so I figure I will let the ball behaviour sort it all out for me.

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