Super Marine Bros (Open Source)

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  • Testing out the sound system was the main idea I had. however once I opened up Construct another idea came to mind, which could very well accompany the sound testing. Combining the sounds from Natural Selection and Super Mario Bros in a crossover platformer was the result.

    So here it is, an open source platformer with soundFX and music. I used the basic knowledge from platform school and some wiki powered sound


    IndieDB page - <font size="1">download inside</font>

    Heck I might continue this by adding more features, perhaps even turning it into a complete game (more chars like the flash version "Super Mario Bros. Corssover")

    Also feel free to use this or maybe even expand upon the game and if you want your build added to the indieDB page, just hit me up on here or on there. I'm all over the internet, there is always a way to contact me :P

    I think there's a possibility for developer teams for games on indieDB, if I'm not mistaken. Heh, I need to look into that I guess...

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  • This is pretty cool, I'd love to see a full game from it.

    Thanks for sharing Kouji San.

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