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  • here is my first creation :


    exe file:

    or (slower)

    I'am waiting for your comments and advices.

    It's a exploration/shooter with an original gameplay (I guess) in a retro minimalist mood.

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  • the official blog ( in french for now )

  • ok ... no reactions...

    bad or good thing? I can't tell ^^

  • I only reviewed the video so far, but found it looked VERY cool retro style. Liked how seamless the explosions and firepower fit in with the game.

    I wasn't loving the background, but it is retro. Once I get a chance to play the game I'll comment more.

  • Video looks cool, I've tried to download the exe, but it's too slow. I don't wanna wait 15min, could you upload it to somewhere else?

  • Hi!

    Pretty cool but I'd like to hold the mouse button to shoot continuously, even if it's not very fast, I hate when I have to spam the mouse button, but it's just me

    Tutorials should be implemented within the gameplay, like.. guiding the player during the first minutes to explain breifly how to play and how glyphes work.

    Opinion only, I'm no critic!

    EDIT: By the way, I just found out that I can control bullets after shooting them, even if it was clearly written That's really cool!


    here is a hight speed dowload link

    thx for your opinions


    here is a hight speed dowload link

    thx for your opinions

    It's the same , maybe there is wrong on my side. What about dropbox or box? I've never had a problem when downloading other guys work from these.

    My suggestion would be to put there some tasks and a story maybe? Flying around, shooting and everything feels good, but after a while I quit, because I didn't know what to do.

  • ok.

    I understand that despite the help screen (how to fight) and the objectives found in the in game option menu, the player is a bit lost. The idea of ??a tutorial and clear messages are welcome, I will take them into account. It is true that my intention was to push the player to search by himself through a strange universe, but it was just too much pretension to be in an amateur game. I'll fix that. thank you for spending time to help me ^ ^.

  • 15years ago, I'd take more time to explore the game, but now, whether it's because I'm older and have less time or games changed and they are more straightforward. I usualy take max 5 minutes to try and after that I quit or continue playing. It's sad, because I think I should give a game (which took an author many hours to make) more time than just 5min.

  • With the huge amount of games available right now, its difficult to give a game enough time to impress us. Take Ludum Dare for example, a single contest offers more than 300 small games for the judges to try.

    If you really want to keep the player's attention, your game must have a hook right at the beginning. And you game, kayupla, has one. Only the presentation need more work.

  • here is the lastest demo: ...

    lot of things have changed:

    • a tutorial ingame with a mini boss (who not blow your graphics card this time)
    • a preview of the fusion system items (small craft system)
    • an overall acceleration of the game that makes the gameplay much "nervous"
    • new music that twist the ears and brain,
    • a dynamic camera system .

    thx for your opinion and help.

  • more impacting with a video?

  • Looks pretty cool, I especially like the music for it.

  • Hello !

    New demo available at

    1_0_3_1 demo contain :

    new level

    new musics

    trainning mode for Kuzz handling.

    more stuffs....

    but in french language for now.... (not important to play)

    I want to add a xbox360 controler gameplay , but I need some advices for simulating the mouse mouvement with the controler right stick. if you know how to do, I'm your man.

    thanks for react and hints.

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