Sunspire (Arcade\RPG)

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  • Hi! I create this game since 2005. Initially I developed using Delphi, further other people were engaged in programming. Since the beginning of 2013, I resumed development this project using Scirra Constract Classic. I am really sorry that screenshots not in English. It is connected with that I am engaged in development one and at me really not enough time as I combine the main work and a hobby.

    Feature of my game - nonlinearity. for example having passed mission and having completed a quest on protection of a colony, in the next missions the colony is alive, in alternative - No.

    Next - i create shop in game. This is your battle frind Jessica, captain of battlecruiser. Also she can help you in battle.

    Another cool staff that i added in game - perks.

    As I spoke game isn't linear. Complete or not complete quests, the story of game changes, together with missions which you need to pass.

  • P.S I'm very very sorry for my English..

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  • Very cool!

  • Imaging is quite amazing. I'd like to see it in motion. Video, perhaps. And your english is ok.

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