Sunkin's Wrath v.1.42

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  • Looks good. I like very much.

    I'd pay $2 for that.

    Thanks! I appreciate that! By the way the first update is on the way. As long as new screenshots and gameplay video!

  • Game was updated to v.1.1 today! Changelog and links are in the first post.

  • Demo of this game is available on GameJolt and IndieDB. I'll apreciate any votes or comments. Doesn't matter if they'll be good or bad - they must be fair.

  • Full version of Sunkin's Wrath was updated to v.1.11 today! Bunch of minor bugs in final episode of the game were fixed. You can look at the changelog in te first post.

  • Thanks to the Wooter and some other guys from final update is done! Changelog is in the first post. Download new version now!

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  • Full version is updated to 1.3! Changelog is in the first post.

  • I've created gameplay trailer. You can watch it on YouTube.

  • 50% off sale on Indievania! Now you're able to purchase full version of Sunkin's Wrath only for 1$ and support indie game developing.


  • Cool! Congrats on the release, I'll gladly chip in a dollar a little later this week.

  • Cool! Congrats on the release, I'll gladly chip in a dollar a little later this week.

    Thanks C-7! I hope Blight will be released soon!

  • New update of the full version is done! I want this game to become a real masterpiece, so I even wrote enemy guide that can be found amongst bonus materials in the game folder xD Changelog can be found in the first post.

    PS: Full version can be bought on

    But I now I have some problems with my PayPal account that will be fixed in two weeks. Game won't be available for download for this time. Sorry <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Well, I live in Ukraine and recieved this message today: "Currently PayPal only allows you to send payments from the Ukraine and not receive them." Sad but true. I was thinking for a while and made the decision. So Sunkin's Wrath is absolutely free now. Download, leave some feedback and enjoy!

    Links in the first post are updated.

  • Aww that's a shame. Well, it looks like you may be able to get more exposure this way at least! I would've dropped a dollar or two for ya :-P

  • I do have to say... the trailer shows all kinds of neat things to do that I'm fully unaware of how to do. Arrows move, Z jumps. C talks. I've only managed to kill one snail with the box and then can't do anything else. I can't jump high enough to continue, and I can't hurt the snails to appease the mushroom. Hmm.

    Hah! Nevermind. I didn't realize you could keep walking past that guy. Maybe a sign with an arrow pointing that way in 1.5? Since the level seems to imply going up.

  • C-7

    Thanks for feedback C-7! There are arrow signs actually. When you press Esc game pauses, in-game menu with mini-map (on which there are arrow signs) apperars <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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