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  • My first Construct game, made in under two days for Ludum Dare 14. ... rd-waiver/

    I've gotta say, even with the occasional spontaneous combustion Construct is a real pleasure to work with after years of tricking MMF into stuff. Great job, guys.

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  • 3D game made using 2D game development environment? That's nice.

    I think the source you provided can be useful to many people here.

  • very nice, its for games like this that i nag for mesh support, a simple mesh inplace of a 3d box would make N64+ quality games possible.

    you could of made good use of families instead of making a seperate action group for your 2 types of objects (sprites and rotating geometry)

    your game made me revive my 3d platformer, and great job on it!

    oh ya, what exactly do you need the registry for?

    is it for that KIA thing? because i cant play your game again, which is kinda lame

  • Ludum Dare is a 48-hour competition. I hope nobody learns anything besides really broad ideas from the source, because the emphasis was on speed. I did initially attempt to use families but I found that the results didn't behave as I expected, so I ditched the idea and moved on. Go ahead and improve the engine if you want.

    Delete the registry key CURRENT_USER\Software\LD14IPEC (or just change the first frame's source) if you want to try again. Sorry that bothered you, but it was done for a reason.

  • Awesome stuff!

    Just a quick note - instead of duplicating the same events over and over in each layout, you could just put them into a new, separate event sheet and include that event sheet in all layouts.

    Now, if only I could figure out how to increase gamma within the DX9 - it is too dark! Sniff.

  • Wow, nice job

    This game is actually quite atmospheric and even kind of creepy, all with just some simple cubes and good use of sound. Awesome.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum

  • Wow, I can't believe you made all this out of 3D boxes! That's really impressive! It was damn scary, too, and creative...

    Don't forget to make bug reports if you get crashes or things don't work like you expect, so they can get fixed.

  • Pretty awesome to be honest.

  • Oh, and welcome to the forum

    Thanks. I thought I'd registered ages ago, but I guess not.

    Don't forget to make bug reports if you get crashes or things don't work like you expect, so they can get fixed.

    I meant to keep a log but didn't get around to it. The only things I remember are a crash related to improperly referencing layers by name and an odd "3dcube object: zero depth" or something error which didn't reproduce.

    I was surprised when running out of vram didn't cause a crash. Making it possible to set all sides of a cube to use the same texture (preferably with settings for the rotation of each face) would help with that.

    I'll do some proper reports after the compo when I go back to clean things up.

  • awesome cant say anything else

  • that was so fun! Can you actually run away at the end? Or are you doomed?

  • I took a look at the source, the wall of doom covers the whole level. You're pretty much boned

  • Amazing! Like said you could do wolfensteind 3d remake.

  • This was amazing. More and more its becoming apparent that Construct can do amazing things in 3D despite being a 2D program.

    My only wish is that Construct had a 3D Mesh object. Then we could really see things like these take off, even better than before. It's unfortunate that the need for it is misunderstood and thus not planned for development, and even more unfortunate that people seem to write it off or scoff at the idea whenever its mentioned.

  • I believe that Ashley was rewriting the renderer; a few days ago he gloated about 3D mesh he made. So, yeah, it is in works.

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