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Welcome! I-Spy (Hidden objects) is an educational puzzle that is more than just seek-and-find activities.
  • Hi! Again with the translator...

    There Was a question at creation of the help button. In game it is necessary to find 15 pieces of paper and it is necessary to create the help button for the player if it cannot find a subject. The help after pressing is filled some time and should highlight effect any unfind item. In a following level (still it is not created) there is a number of subjects and their name should be displayed in the top menu in the any order. If all question to reduce to one that is whether an opportunity to use Random in "Construct"?

    (click "???????" or floppy icon)

    From Russia With Love +)

    I Forget!!! With Menu (gray Back) Press "Space"

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  • Really nice, well done. But translate it to english, I didn't understand ANYTHING.

  • Very cool! It's like Mystery Case files, in this game you have to find papers that are hidden in the room's scenery. The presentation and music are really good! I wish I could understand the language!

    ????? ??????????! ??? ??????? ?? ????? ?????? ?????, ? ???? ????, ?? ?????? ????? ??????, ??????? ?????? ? ??????? ???????. ????????????? ? ?????? ????????????? ??????! ??? ????, ??? ? ?? ???? ?????? ????!

  • We try to make the English version of game.

  • That is great! The game is very promising!

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