Splynch [beta release]

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  • Damn thats an awesome game

    Good job, very polished, and if I have a dream that i'm being chased by a giant skull tonight its ur fault!

  • Hey I just thought that I would mention that I am the friend that Mr. Ksoft keeps mentioning. I help with the game, doing mostly design and such. He does most of the programming, but recently I have started helping a bit more. Finally decided to register for an account on this forum since I'm using the software more. I do have once question though, why do the screen-shots suck? Are they too generic or something?

  • The problem with the screenshots isn't the screenshots - the beauty of this game is in its motion! Static images simply don't do it justice, since pixel graphic platformers are a dime a dozen these days.

    Youtube is the answer!

  • reminds me of kirby quite a bit, not to mention the current music

    one thing i dislike is the power-up bar though, its EXTREMELY distracting, especially since the window is so "thin" height wise.

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  • I've noticed that as well occasionally. After a while, I guess you just don't notice it anymore. The game is far better since we switched it to wide screen. Before, you couldn't even see where you were jumping too. We tried zooming out but everything, including Splynch, was far too small. Since Splynch is a small sprite its hard to control it and see everything. Trust us, its far better this way. We could make that power-up bar semi-transparent. Would that be better?

  • Making it disappear or fade when you have no active powers would be a nice change.

    It might be better as a translucent vertical bar along one side of the screen, since there's more horizontal real estate.

    Really great though!

  • I really enjoyed this game, it feels really solid and well put together, and I really liked the top hat

    I agree on the power up bar feeling a bit distracting, I kept seeing it as part of the scenery at some points, perhaps make it fade when it isn't in use?

    Don't suppose we'll be seeing a platform engine cap based on this will we? Haha

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