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  • Hello! I have a new game I have been working on for a while on and off. It's called SPHERE. "But Phobos!" You say. "Why is it called SPHERE?". Well, let me explain...

    The concept is simple; You collect these glowing squares to keep your health up (as it is always decreasing), while dodging enemy squares that can kill you (and the occasional giant-ass box of death), all on a 3D Sphere.

    This is a simple game with no really complex features (Except the Sphere, of course.) I wanted to release an early version so I can get some feedback on how to change certain aspects and make it better!

    Instead of some screenshots, I have an[OLD] video that gives a general idea.


    Controls are in the README.txt file and stuff.

    Credits in the main menu by clicking on "Credits" in the lower-right.

    A cool feature is the ability to add your own music! Just go in the music folder and edit the "musiclist.ini" thing in notepad. There are groups for certain difficultys, or you can have an "always" list that always picks one out of that group. (make sure to set "forced list" to 1 and set "num" to the number of songs added!)

    Leave feedback and have fun!

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  • My bad, I forgot a download link. dl.dropbox.com/u/21499454/Games/SPHERE/spherev0.1.rar

    There you go. Now REALLY have fun!

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