SpellCraft Elements Coming soon! [Need feedback]

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  • I am busy creating a game with a very Special Crafting engine, You will be able to create 350 spells (I am now a 76 spells)

    <font color=blue>So what game is it?</font>

    This is a TD(Tower Deference) were it is only you with all your spells.The goal is to complete every level(30 Max) And don't let the Goblins destroy your base.

    <font color=blue>What is the elements?</font>

    Shield (used to create solid objects)

    Lighting (Used to do Lots of damage, Even more with water combined)

    Cold (Used to slow enemies)

    Eath (Used to create Cannon balls and acts as a putty with Shield)

    Life (Used to Rise units, Heals summoned units and any solid objects, Also used to create shards)

    Water (Used to make every thing wet to kill them easy, And acts like soap with Aracne and Steam

    Fire (Used to burn enemies to death)

    Arcane (Used to create beams and Circle waves(Sonic Boom)

    Steam (Used to give your spells more trush)TO create steam you will need to combine water and Fire

    Ice (Used to Freeze your enemies)TO create Ice you will need to combine water and Cold

    <img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-3uoi_4hrI5I/TjvdyiWGa-I/AAAAAAAAAA4/4XIsuSY_VmA/s288/1200891Demo.jpg" border="0" />

    <font color=blue>More Info about up coming game!</font>

    You have 4 slots to create and combine 10 elements to attack the Goblins

    <font color=red>Please give feedback of what you are thinking</font>

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  • <font color=red>[Please give feedback of what you are thinking> I'm thinking that the colors in your post makes it hard to read. I think that you should "go to the line" more often, to make your text breathe. I think that you forgot to provide a link.

  • the game is still in construction

  • Magicka?

  • I think you should give Arrowhead back their icons.

    But, in all seriousness, I really liked Magicka's system, and would like to see a variant applied to a different gametype. Just don't go stealing that poor indie studio's IP, yeah?


  • I am busy creating my own icons, That was only a Demo image

  • i suck at making my own graphics, they all look crude. all that to say i hope you do better than me at the drawing <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Depends on what hardware you own.

  • This Image Creating don't work out for me so well!

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