Spanky the Buttweasel Test

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  • Hello everyone! I've been working hard on this game and wanted to see how it runs on different machines.

    The game is called The Stupid Adventures of Spanky the Buttweasel.


    Left/Right Arrow: Move

    Down Arrow: Duck

    Control: Attack

    Space: Jump

    It's still rough but wanted some early feedback! ... tbtest.RAR

    (1.97 MB /rar file)

  • Ok one bug when you Go Right/Left and then Attack (while holding Right/Left) there is no animation of walking.

  • I take it jumping isn't implemented yet? If it is, I can't jump.

    Seconding the attack/animation bug. I also can't seem to walk up the slope after killing the moose... is there some kind of invisible barrier there or am I stuck on the slope?

    As for the graphics... they're drawn nicely enough, for a cartoony game. The background trees don't seem to mesh well with the foreground, having thicker lines and all. Also, stuff that's far away tends to be lighter (and bluer) than stuff in the foreground due to atmospheric effects, not darker.

    The animation seems a little lacking on the attack, I'd like to see the character maybe open his jaws in an exaggerated manner like in a cartoon to chomp things.

    Other than that, it's a good start.

  • I take it jumping isn't implemented yet? If it is, I can't jump.

    Press SHIFT to jump.

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  • Oh how embarrassing... yes shift is jump

    Doppel: Oh yes what a beaver that is...I gotta fix that animation bug...

    Deadeye: right on about the trees. I edited them and they look much better. The animations are still being worked on and far from complete, not my strongest point I'll admit. The slope prob is an err on my behalf, just wanted to make a quick level. I'll redo the whole floor design.

  • Ah, hey. There's the jumping

    Okay, couple more crits now that I can see the rest of the level...

    When jumping up against a wall, he gets stuck halfway up. He doesn't slide up the wall and go over like you'd expect a platform character to do. I have to back up and clear the top of the ledge entirely to make it up.

    <img src="">

    Also, the health pickup renders it's particles in front of the player when you pick it up, I think it might look better behind.

  • LOL yes I just fixed the darn attack/walk animation bug and noticed the choppy platformness. I'm redesigning the floor for something a little less troublesome

    Thanks for testing! I thinks I was a bit too eager to put this up...

  • <img src="">


    Hahahaha thats nice, maybe make him a box collision?


    Hahahaha thats nice, maybe make him a box collision?

    I think it is a box collision, his jaw doesn't seem to be the part that's getting stuck there. It's more like the collision mask for the background is funky.

  • <img src="">

    This is the problem. The purple object is the floor detector. I'll probably have to make it box shaped instead of the wedge it currently.

    These detectors drive me nuts for donuts lol

  • Spanky the Buttweasel Test 1.2 is now up. Requires PS 2.0 ... tbtest.RAR (2 MB)


    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Still an early test of this game. Just looking for feedback and curious how framerate is on other machines.


    Move: Left/Right Arrow Keys

    Duck: Down Arrow

    Jump: Shift

    Attack: Control

    And if anyone cares lol....


    Walk/Animation Bug

    Death Bug (Death animation did not always work 100%)

    Platform smoothed out


    "Pep Text" displayed on Respawn

    Added some sound effects

    Added Donut object- used at each world's end (does nothing really for now)

    Added Corn Dog object (Restores Health)

    Spum! object now gives an extra life instead of health

    Duck Animation modified

    Background Trees modified

    Background Water uses wave effect

    Modified particle sprays

    Still need to finish animations on Moose and Spanky, but it's much more stable than the previous build. Also working on ablility to jump kill enemies.

  • Hello again, I've come to smack you over the head with more critiques.

    First the good:

    1. The background trees look much better than the first version

    2. Spanky can now walk from one end of the level to the other without getting stuck on the scenery

    3. The particles on pickups are slightly improved

    4. I no longer experience the animation bug

    Now for the crits:

    1. I hear no sound at all. Do you have the sounds as external files that you forgot to add to the .rar?

    2. The water does not wave at all for me. It is perfectly still.

    3. The level design lacks variety now that you've taken out the ledges.

    4. When Spanky dies, his body just stands there while his ghost goes off to heaven. Perhaps make a "fall to ground" animation where his eyes are closed, or have x's over them or whatever.

    5. The ghost is always facing left no matter which direction Spanky is facing when he dies... it should be facing the same way as Spanky's body.

    Some minor things that you may consider changing:

    1. Even though the trees are better than before, they still feel a little gloomy.

    2. When holding both the left and right keys, Spanky always favors looking to the right.

    Other than that it looks like it's coming along. The framerate is pretty decent, but then again your wavy water effect does not appear on my machine (and yes, I have ps2).


    Oh, almost forgot. Your app icon appears to be corrupted on my machine:

    <img src="">

    Unless it's supposed to look that way. The first one was like this as well.

  • Nice starting animation, nice graphics, even the Spanky animation is cool (i love when he dies and it seems to do inapropriate things to the mooses when attacking from behind ). I will play all the games in your web. Keep on doing it your way, i like it.

    What i cannot understand is why you haven't seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog further than 2nd episode!

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