Space Resistance

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    Space Resistance is a Space Invaders style action game. You're in control of a cosmic ship and you have to destroy dozens of alien life forms. There are two game modes. In the story mode your task is to repel the aliens from your planet and eventually from the whole universe. In the survival mode you have to resist new and new waves of enemies as long as possible. Various bonuses which you can buy for points acquired by destroying enemies will help you during the course of game. Every ten levels you will be able to upgrade one of the attributes.

    <font color="#FF0000">Home page:</font>

    <font color="#FF0000">Game contains:</font>

    -2 game modes

    -Colourful effects

    -Screen shaking


    -Perfect game-play balance

    -Beautiful neon-styled graphics

    -English and Czech translation

    <font color="#FF0000">Developed by:</font>

    Program: Raiper34

    Graphics: Rostas

    Music and Sounds: Free resources from the Internet

    Translation: PcMaster, Blackpuffle

    Betatest: Raiper34, Noga, Loric, Sheppard, MichMond, Jan Slav??ek

    Special Thanks:: Noga and

    <font color="#FF0000">Screens:</font>

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    <font size="6"><font color="red">Download</font></font>

    <font color="#FF0000">If you like the game, support us by placing this fan-bar in your forum signature:</font>

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  • The graphics look really strange, in a good way. I think it looks like that thunderbird show

  • Congrats on the release. Good there's one more full sized completed CC game.

  • Thx for coments :)

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