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  • i start this project to learn construct and it goes well. next thing are menu , debugging and balancing.

    but meh. at first it was only suppose to be a game for my child so...we'll see what happen with it ;D

    oh and yeah! i need to find a music to stick over it

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Looks good! For the music you could look at some of the thousands of songs on Newgrounds Audio Portal, they are usually free to use as long as you dont sell the product you use them in.

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  • hello guys, i have some small problem for wich you might be able to help me.

    -first , i am just unable to create a fonctionnal menu. does the order matter,

    Right now when i click my button Start Game it only close the application.

    • i have also another small prob. When i move my ship left-right the bounding box or whatever you call the thing that take care of collision is moving in an exponential ways

    ie. if my ship is as, let says xy 300,0 the collision seem to be at 325,0.

    here the CAP for those interessted

  • Hi Border,

    Yes the order you have the layouts count. Move your Game-menu to the top so it will be the first to run.

    you need to move your Game Over text to the hud .

    I found a few other things too. I put them in a new Cap

    Link :

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