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  • I am a begginner to game design and the like, and I am still learning code/script etc, but I found with Constuct I could make the games I wanted to make without complex code.

    So, I am creating a game called Space Conquest. The game is a top down arcade shoot em up set in a giant universe consisting of many races each fighting or trading with each other to conquer the galaxy. And it won't be like other sandbox space games either, say goodbye to scripted events and never changing galaxy. Once the game is finished races will send attacks to each others planets to conquer them. And they WILL conquer them. The player sits in the middle of the chaos, joing forces and, this will be a main feature, creating his own fleet and empire to conquer the universe by whatever means possible.

    The game is nowhere near finshed, but I minigame style version can be found at the games website:

    I have already began working on the main version and already I have two races at each others throats. I haven't uploaded it yet though, but soon I shall. It isn't a proffesional game, so dont expect any facny 3D graphics or effects... yet.

    UPDATE: Ok, ok, I see the other games made with Construct and I know my game has really low quality and polish, but one day it will be better.

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