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  • My first post and it's a game submission

    The game is called About Sound and it was made for experimentalgameplay.com's theme of august, bare minimum. The game relies almost entirely on positioned sounds, so having headphones or a good stereo system helps a lot (you'll be frustrated by playing it with laptop speakers )

    Download it here:

    About Sound

    No install is necessary, just copy the "arcade" font to your system fonts folder. Copyright notes for the music, sound fx and font are included in the readme.

  • Firstly, I highly recommend Dropbox for all your hosting needs.

    The game is cool, but positional sounds don't account for the y position (unless i'm missing something because I don't have surround sound), so I was confused at times. Also, the nodes are way too big, and it's easy for someone to just go about scanning the playfield for them, which really defeats the purpose and difficulty of the game. Scanning the play field (ie, randomly moving around) shouldn't be a viable alternative. Other than my little criticism, it's pretty polished for a first game, and the idea is well excuted.

    Good job.

  • Welcome, err... pedrotechel. I registered an year after I "discovered" Construct and my first post was the worst I've ever seen

    Anyways, I recommend you dropbox too.

    I don't have surround sound too, so I started scanning. After I found most of the nodes, my computer restarted(it loves making me angry

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  • Thanks for the feedback guys. I've added Dropbox as an alternate host, on my next projects I'll use it as the main download link. After you get past the 1st level scanning becomes increasingly difficult as there will be unwanted fragments which you shouldn't collect

    I suggest you check out the other games at experimentalgameplay.com, some great ideas there.

    Anyway, thanks again for playing the game

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