Sonic Engine - Custom Movement Edition

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  • Okay, in a way, Sonic Construct Worlds has been 'cancelled'. Mainly because a straight port from MMF2 is too much of a hassle and Damizean's code, no offense to the guy, is way too complex - from speaking from the guys in the chat, we came to the conclusion that making an engine from scratch using the Custom Movement behavior would be easier.

    For the most part, that's been more or less true. Though, most of the time I've spent working on this has been due to a hang-up thanks to a problem involving Sonic not sticking to slopes, and thus I've practically wasted weeks of time over this, but I digress. Might as well release the current version, since I have all of Sonic's basic actions implemented.

    <img src="">

    Sonic Engine - Custom Movement Edition: "Alpha 4" Download Link


    TODO/Problems to fix:



    • Implement skidding
    • Implement Tails and Knuckles
    • Get someone to help me tweak the utter hell out of it so it emulates the classic physics to a tee.


    • If the player hits the end of a slope going upwards, and the ground in front is at a lower angle, the player flies off like it is a ramp. This obviously should not happen.
    • The player occasionally stops for no reason at the top of a loop. Or, to be more accurate, he 'snags' at the start of the next part of the loop.
    • The player can stop in the middle of a loop, sometimes, and simply stand there as if gravity does not apply.
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  • Looks promising. Keep it up.

    Also, where did you get those tiles?

  • Dragged out from Damizean's Construct Sonic engine (which he hasn't been working on at all), which in turn came from Sonic Worlds. I'll probably replicate the level design of the test level from Sonic Worlds later when I've got all the basics down.

  • Is it possible to do something like this with Construct 2?

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