Sonic Construct Worlds - SAGE 2010 Edition

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  • Dunno how I ended up posting in the wrong section...

    Sonic Construct Worlds SAGE 2010 Booth

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    As one of my two showings at SAGE, I have my newest version of Sonic Construct Worlds - more condensed and functional than ever! And it comes with two levels - the basic test level, and the Clock Tower, a Castlevania-based level that has Sonic run in, and run out, while dodging enemies and Death along the way.

    Current Features:

    * On Step movement, and automatic velocity angle change. I couldn't have done it without Davo's additions!

    * Sonic 2-level movement functionality.

    * Loops and stuff!

    * Platforms!

    * Rings!

    * And did I mention it's open source?

    Basically, the whole engine is open for people to get into and improve. I intend to iron out all the bugs, tighten up the momentum stuff, and all that jazz.

    So, enjoy!

  • Wow. A fantastic learning resource for anyone wanting do do fast, platform action. Many thanks and well done.

  • Very cool! I'm sure this will be a huge help as an example on several things. Thanks for releasing all of your hard work to help out the community :D

  • Sorry for bumping this. I just want to say that this is just totally awesome. It's really working very good.

    Though there are some glitches with the ramps. Sometimes Sonic doesn't want to spindash or move even if he's only standing.

    Just to ask, are there any progresses made? I look forward to see more improvements with this.

  • New update to the engine. Not much, but it's something, at least.


    * Tweaked the "fall off slope" mechanics and implemented rolling momentum... Somewhat. It works, but not very well. Clearly, I'm gonna have to figure out something else, because the Sonic Physics Guide way of slope friction isn't working.

    * Implemented five monitors - 10 Ring, Normal Shield, Fire Shield, Magnetic Shield, and Bubble Shield. The shields are also implemented, sans the insta-shield, though they don't do anything special other than damage protection. YET.

  • Nice little update. Just two little additions:

    At Hurt/Dead about Rings spawning, you have to change from "Set Angle to" to "Set Motion Angle to". The one you use now is the graphic rotation and not where the rings fly.

    Also the Animation could be made better by doing this:

    <img src="">

    (Forum cuts off the end: PlayerSprite[CustomMovement].Speed / 15)

    This way, the Animation would go with the Motion speed, making Sonic move faster if he's fast and slower when he's slow.

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  • Thanks for the help, mate! I was wondering why it wouldn't randomise the ring spray properly...

    Zip file with a collection of sprites used in the SCW so far. Will expand as I add more stuff.

    Also, ANOTHER UPDATE. It's a small one, but...


    * Changed ring spray to random 'angle of motion' instead of 'angle', so now rings spray all over the place randomly.

    * Added changing animation speed for running, so it corresponds to movement speed.

    * Tried testing out keeping the player's movement on a moving platform so the player moves along with the platform. Didn't work too well. God damn, gonna need some help on this one.

    Same download link as before.

  • I seem to have run into an issue with it. Construct 0.99.96. I can't jump in the Clock Tower level...

  • I have Construct 0.99.96 and it runs just fine.

    Are you sure you're pressing down once and then CTRL?

    [Edit] Oh, sorry! I misread your text.

  • The jumping problem in the Clock Tower just got hotfixed (download the zip again), it's the Player object's variables that's the problem, the general events for jumping and acceleration are now fixed to the player's variables so it's easier to adjust, which I forgot to mention earlier. The variables are pretty much the same between levels, now.

  • Sonic Construct Worlds Alpha 4!


    * Additional skins - S3 Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Super Sonic is also there, but he's not usable at the moment. No additional abilities as of yet.

    * A multiplayer prototype is up and running, allowing for theoretically up to 10 players.


    * Unfortunately, the multiplayer prototype has made a nasty problem rear its head - the current method of utilising 'loop layers' is more or less useless with more than one player.

    * It's also caused the shields to not destroy themselves when replaced or the user is damaged.

  • Nice progress! Love it.

    I noticed you added water in it. Hopfully you can get this to work.


    • I tried to do the waiting Animation. It would be really nice that Sonic would just stand and after like half minute or something of not pressing a button, it would do the Waiting animation. I just don't seem to find out how to do this. Maybe you know a solution?
    • If you would make the Waiting Animation. I would suggest to make the Animation Speed to 2 or 3. So Sonic would slowly tap his feet on the ground waiting.
    • I don't know how you want to make the Collisions for Boxes to work. One way would be to use Sensors for Sonic (like in MMF Sonic Worlds). I can't find any easier way. Construct has those handy features like "Get X of left edge" or "Get Y of bottom edge", etc.
    • How about a nice Character Selection Screen like the one in Sonic Worlds Delta?
    • About the Conveyor Belt: I would maybe to set the X value of PlayerSprite. Like "On collision > Player_Sprite.x + 2" or something like that. I couldn't get this to work, because the PlayerSprite doesn't collide good.

    I know it's a lot of suggestions, but maybe my tipps have been helpful for the progress.

  • A4 has been updated yet again.

    The updates aren't really remarkable, so it doesn't require a totally new version to go with it.


    * Added an intro and character select screen

    * Added a "variable jumping" function, so holding the button allows the player to minimise their jump with just a tap of the jump key.

    * Sonic will stop in his tracks properly when he hits a wall, you can't accelerate while against a wall.

    While two niggling issues I've wanted to fix are more or less fixed, there are still major physics issues...

    * Lack of slope acceleration/deceleration

    * Issues with slopes and what to actually do when Sonic doesn't have enough speed

    I think there's others, but they don't come to mind right now. If anyone has an ideas how how I can implement solutions for these, I'd be grateful. Problem is, though, the Sonic Physics Guide doesn't quite mesh well with the Construct way of doing things, well, not in this instance, anyway. For example, I tried to use the method described for slope acceleration/deceleration, but it just carks up no matter what. It's frustrating.

    If anyone can figure out a solution for slope acceleration/deceleration, I would be most grateful.

  • the shields and springs act weird . as for Sonic's movement it seems to work fine

  • Sorry for this dumbass question but how do I add loopings to my Sonic game? (Yes, I'm new to game programming).

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