Somnium Libertas - tactical space rts

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  • I've been working on a new game - Somnium Libertas. It's still very early, but most of the groundwork is in there now. Try it out and let me know what you think, and if it runs well on your PCs (and if the name is any good!).

    Note that the spaceship sprites aren't mine, I'm just using them as placeholders. All the other art is mine. The panels and buttons etc aren't final yet.

    (Edit: I uploaded a new version with my own sprite. All my own work now.)

    You just need DirectX9 and a 64MB PS2.0 card or better to run it. It can run at anywhere from 640x480 to 2560x1600, higher if you add your desired res to the resolution.txt file that's included. Controls are listed on the main menu.

    At the moment all you can do is fly your ships around and blow up asteroids for ore. Give it a try though!

    20MB -

    It'll be a tactical RTS similar to Homeworld or Nexus, with upgrades, research, individuals etc.

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  • your doing nice progress, how did you started making your textures?

  • I use Photoshop, though Gimp (free) will do as well.

    For the nebula background for instance, it's just a Render Clouds with Render Difference Clouds several times, then adding in the layer style some Blend If markers at around 1/3 to cut off part of the clouds. A few of these layers at different colours all with Screen layer effect give the final texture.

    I actually forgot about the asteroid texture - I made a few asteroid models and used a free texture for them, which I edited in Photoshop a bit.

    Most textures so far are generated using free software then edited to suit, fairly easy. I use for generating the explosions and overlay a simple light with subtle lens flare texture I made. The smoke is hand drawn in Photoshop.

    I made this tutorial a while back if you're interested: ... 092.0.html

    See step three: Texturing.

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