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    Sketch is a puzzle game i made with my cousin.

    sorry for the bad descriptio.


  • Hey man that's pretty cool. Really simple idea, but fun to play and well made. I got up to the level with the 3 coloured blocks and couldn't figure it out lol.


  • So, for the Portuguese-challenged, here's a rough translation of the text in the screenie. (I couldn't test the actual game, it requires PS 2.0)

    [quote:2f0o5p3l]Sketch is a challenging puzzle game. In the game, there will at first be two blocks. You have to move each to an area that has the same colour as the block. To finish a level and move on to the next, you need to have both blocks in their target areas at the same time.

    You will also find obstacle blocks in some levels. Using these obstacles wisely will often lead to the solution of the current level.

  • Not a bad little puzzle game.

    One problem though: I got a few levels in and then I accidentally put my two blocks on top of each other. Once you do that there doesn't seem to be any way to separate them. Perhaps you could put in a control to restart the current level?

  • Restart level = "r"

    Thanks for the translation!

  • Restart level = "r"

    What... I thought I hit "r" like five hundred times )

    Anyway, good to know. I'll give it another go sometime.

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  • This is actually a pretty cool little game. Good job!

  • Pretty fun game! I like the music and the idea behind it, reminds me of some good ol' RPG puzzle games.

    Two things though, 'r' doesn't seem to work on the last level, and babelfish couldn't translate "Obrigado" from the ending, although I assume it means thank you.

    I'd like the see a 'second' version with more levels, more polish, and maybe the option to play without effects.

  • new version

    alow/disalow pixel shaders


  • Sweet! I really liked this game! Keep up the good work!

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