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  • A demo of my little game similar to Worms by Team 17. This is literally all I have completed so far, so if you have any comments to make about they gameplay or other things that should be done before further development please mention them. The game includes the source if anyone wants to look at/use it (although it is not commented and probably very poorly coded) and as long as you don't steal the whole thing and say that you made it, do whatever you want ^^


    -(Slightly) randomly generated and destroyable map

    -Randomly generated spawn places

    -Up to 4 player/mushroom combat

    -Turn based warefare similar to Worms

    -Particle effects

    -Cool pixel shader effects (works without as well)

    The readme contains a little more information, such as what the array object actually does and etc.

    Other than that, enjoy the game =)

    Link ->

  • Nice! I remember Worms, such an awesome game... would love to see a remake in Construct!

  • Its midnight here, time to go to bed, so i did't read the "read me" yet, nor did i walked to trough the events.

    But Dude, i am pretty amazed by the game when its running. This is done VERY nice.

  • Thanks Instance!

    To Ashley, I found that I couldn't put a "play again" button on the Game Overview layout, as going back to the game layout didn't reset the layout (the HUD still showed, and the Random Map code group wasnt enabled) I could easily reset the global values, but I don't know what to do about the layout not truly restarting.

  • Jayjay...!

    AWESOME! Dude! Great work! I love it! Are you still working on it? I'd like to help if you want some!

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  • Thanks Midnight ^-^ And i'm not sure if I will be working on it any time soon, but its summer and might find myself bored at home again sometime

    One problem is that I made this before I knew about Families and their use, so it isn't very flexible for things such as more than 4 worms and creating multiple weapons/projectiles with ease.

    Although...Instead of waiting for my lazyness, you could use my source cap (included) and improve/change it for your own project. Feel free to ask me anytime for help understanding my code or improving it (eg: multiple weapons, which was about 10% implemented at the release of the demo).

    If you do use my work I hope that you succeed where I failed

    EDIT: Just for everyone who reads, I would like to mention that I don't need any credit or anything if you use my work, just please don't steal it and say you created it yourself. If you do make a modification, then the things you modified become your work, but copying the entire source and changing the name doesn't mean that the whole game was made by you.

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