Shooter vs Spawner

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  • Hi there !

    Shooter vs Spawner, my first game, is an asymetric 2 players vertical shoot'em up. One player have a regular ship (moving with keyboard), while the other have to send him enemies (with the mouse), including bosses, with a limited amount of "money".

    The shooter can choose between different ships (two, for now ; each one have different upgrades), the spawner between different classes, privileging different tactics (a lot of little enemies, or on the contrary a few big ones, or powers to bother the other player, etc).

    Ships :">">

    Some enemies :">">">

    Look a lot better in movement, a video is coming !

    Abstract graphisms are mainly due to my lack of art skills, nevertheless I'm trying to make them pretty !

    To-do list :

    Some graphics to do, some graphics to improve

    Bosses (~3 by type of spwaner)

    Some spawner's powers

    Some sounds, a music


    More content, more content !

    More modes. I'm thinking of one where a player have to defend something

    An online mode, if the game have some success :p

    (cross-post with tigsource)

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  • have you looked into sfxr for sound effects my friend?

    it will help you atleast in the begginning then you can move to professional fx sounds

  • Yeah I intend to use sfxr, and maybe not only in a first time, cause I don't now if I'll try to get professional sounds :p

  • Sounds (and looks) promising. Waiting for demo.

  • Gameplay video !

    I'm now working on adding invaders, trying to create synergies between them (something a little deeper than shield + range attack), and balancing !

    Is BBcode broken ?

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