Shmupius Dei (a lil shmup)

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  • Ok, here's one simple shmup-Shmupius Dei.

    Destroy the eight parts of the ship before Boss comes in for the final battle.

    WARNING! This game uses (a lot of) ps 2 and there is no option to turn it off. Sorry about that all you folks with hardware that can't support it but if turned off the game would look like 11 black squares versus 4 red ones. Needles to say, it was made to use some effects available in Construct so I can see what can be achieved visually.

    Everything else is explained in readme so I won't repeat it here.


    DOWNLOAD (about 5megs rar) ... upius.html

    Note to Ashley, David and others in team. This is not really a bug but something doesn't work right when using transition from menu to main game screen. Specifically Scroll Left/Right/Bottom. Seems like it doesn't affect at all transition between screens that have minor events/actions though.

    In both this game and FDK, upon next play (without quitting the game), if this transition is used from menu to main game layout, there will be this looong pause before things are activated (eg. fire buttons wont work, enemy won't engage, etc.). I used to put about 2500 milliseconds transition and it works well the first time you play but definitely does this weird pause on next play as tested with both these games. The cure in my case was to turn it off and now it works great .

  • Man it's neat looking but just too hard...

  • Aww, it looks cool, but I'm on a non PS machine right now... As soon as I get to my laptop, or old desktop I'll play this...

  • Downloading now, I'll give it a shot.

    Man it's neat looking but just too hard...

    I think this is becoming the standard response to Lobo games


    I suppose I should preface my response by stating that I generally don't like shmups. So I can't really say whether this is any harder than other shmups out there or what, because, well... I don't play them. I will say that this one seems kinda hard to me. But that's beside the point.

    It really does look great... you've got some sweet effects going on. The jet trail on the ship is cool looking, and the clouds are pretty nice too. I like the warpy effect on the game over text also. And, as always, your pixel art is top-notch.

    The controls seem much more responsive and fluid than your previous games, which is a good improvement. But from what little I know about shmups (which is very little, since as I mentioned before I don't play them), they aren't supposed to have inertia on the player ships. I've read more than once that's kind of a no-no in the shmup world. Maybe someone else with more knowledge than I can confirm/deny?

  • Hehe, thanks.

    But here, let me answer a few things. Shmups are many and different kinds and sub genres exists and they are usually very very very hard. This one compared to 'standard' shmup is nothing but super easy. Enemy weapons are not that constant compared to 'bullet hell' you find in many shmups (literally the whole screen covered with bullets at ALL times), your weapons do A LOT of damage actually (takes me a bout 5,6 minutes approx to finish this one) plus there is no 'instant death' (one bullet hit-you're done) which many shmups do and it can be very aggravating experience.

    Needles to say, this one is reeeally light on all these aspects and gives player a lot of time, weapons and space to deal the damage. Wait until you come at the Boss who can be killed with your eyes closed .

    As far as the inertia goes, I've seen it in many Shmups, perfect example would be Gradius which is scrolling shmup kind but in others as well. Even if there were rules about this I would probably break it ten times anyway

  • I like your shmups, they are fun however short they may be. I like the music on this one O.O its like wierd but I donno cool.

  • I like the music on this one O.O its like wierd but I donno cool.

    sounds like it came from one of Satoshi Kon's animations (Paprika or Paranoia Agent)

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  • Don't feed the robots, folks...

  • Looks like 2shared has dropped the file. do you think you could reupload it?

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